Apr 20, 2014

Pune Loksabha Polls : What the Fuss?

The supremely advertised Pune Loksabha Polls concluded on 17th April, the evening kicked off with 2011 like drama, Dharna's and andolans and all of a sudden found worry about FUNDAMENTAL rights been denied. BJP led agitations on how Pune Polls are flawed is just another way of trying to justify the loss they have to suffer after 4 visits of their WAVE master Narendra Modi and all the buzz that BJP is winning everywhere. The fiss started with people not been able to vote inspite of having voter cards, then it changed to illegal removal of voters from list and then finally blaming it on the District Administration about the issues with the voter list. But then If I as a citizen see this from outside, I absolutely find not much in this whole buzz.

The Administration over last 2 years have been struggling to get voters registered, days announced, public awareness ads made, days of voter registration extended and so much of it. The deletion list was made available way back in January and for those including some celebrities who have claimed that there names did not appear in the list can actually be found out in the deleted list made available. SO what were these people really doing from January until now? (I name January only because that was the last biggest drive).

Blaming on the administration is the easiest thing that the Anti Graft and other agitations have taught us. The Political angle to this particular agitation is much different. On the day of election I happened to visit atleast 8 different polling booths, each in BJP , Congress, MNS, AAP and BSP stronghold booths. The environment made it clear that BJP was not in race and so was AAP. BJP just could not make much of it as it appeared as the candidate who has last contested the elections and lost was not even closely supported. It is clear that Bapat, Misal and other corporators not campaigning for the BJP candidate made it clear that the reach was limited. As opposed to that MNS and Congress candidates made their reach deep inroads.

The whole drama of missing electorals, is nothing but a political drama. The names that were deleted from the list were deleted for a reason and the reason and list was published way before time. People who are not vigilant have missed to find out names and last minute checking for the names is no big deal. Next time one has to make sure that the updated list is checked / verified before time.

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