Sep 11, 2011

The Common man in Politics, Sameer Shaikh for Pune Youth Congress -

2 Years ago, I had openly expressed my wish to be a part of Politics. I wrote about it here. The objective in my mind then was to be a part of the system not just to try and change it, but also to convince more professionals, educated and passionate folks to be a part of this system and finally work towards the reason why we achieved Independence.... "Removing Inequalities", "Taking India to a new era of Development" many more but the one and only.." Have Happy Indians"....

Rahul Gandhi who has been for years persuading Youth to come join hands, Youth for him referred to Young people from NGO and non political background, educated and passionate people who want to eliminate corruption, work towards development of a great nation.

Then earlier this year I took my first step... I joined Youth Congress Pune.... [Wrote about it here ]. Today I write to tell you all that I am now getting integrated into politics and am contesting the first level of elections for getting elected on the working committee of Youth Congress Pune...

Though this is the first and small step... I am sure I would keep those values of Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity and hard work that I got from my family and friends. Now I come to you and ask for your help in whatever way you can to help me to succeed in my attempts to bring a change in Politics?

For now to let you know, I contest for the General Secretary position of the Pune Youth Congress the elections are on 17th and 18th September, an I am hopeful that the voters for this elections would definitely work towards giving a chance to the commoner.

Jai Hind. Jai Maharashtra.


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  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Dear Sameer, i am also one of the commoner like you wishing to start from some were.
    wish to seek your help and guidance to take first step towards getting collaborate with the era of changing india and becoming one of the stepping stone to serve this very nation.
    i am at pune and wish to join IYC like you.
    would appreciate if i can hear from you or meet you .