Jul 4, 2011

Creating (c)Evil Gods

Pardon me for the offensive way of putting this, specially to those Internet world aggressive supporters of the (Not so) but still a Civil society who try to harass and fight with you with words, tweets and protests the moment you put any argument against the concept of Janlokpal, Ignore the fact that many have no clue what the Jan Lokpal bill is about. So to begin I beg to differ that the movement Anna Hazare started is a mass movement, secondly I always thought that dictatorship or lawless society was all about black mailing, hi jacking and kidnapping with ransom demands. In my 32 yrs of life this was the first time I saw that Democracy can be effectively used to blackmail anything and anyone.

Now a lot of these people who took part in this mass blackmailing of Government and of course call themselves the civil society/supporters of it are not known to me (Hence I will defer from making any personal comment) but knowingly or unknowingly they have given birth to the Evil God and they are striving to give birth to a group of Evil Gods. When I first read the Janlokpal Bill with the limited knowledge of policy making I have I thought it was a child's art work who want his toys in time before he starts crying. The JanLokpal bill that is going to introduce the Lokpal is one Evil god that I see getting created... for various reasons which we can discuss only if you keep your prejudice and ego away.

Years ago we created an Evil God.. a God that would help let a lot of us Indians live in communal harmony. Some call it secularism. I am unsure if I understand it correctly. Secularism was never supposed to be about majority and minority, it was instead about communities leaving in peace and harmony. However the Evil God created never let it happen and bench warmers used this God to their benefit in the way they wanted. Even today a lot of political parties use this GOD to get into Power.

Then came a time we created another Evil God, A god who would distinguish us based on casts so we get different benefits. Some call it Reservation. Again when I read parts of our constitution I felt that it was supposed to be a priest that would leave its way once things get back on track. Till date I don't understand why one's caste should define what he should get and not his merit. I may be forced to remove this part of the blog, but I just don't understand why my 73% are not good enough to get me sit beside a guy who secured 43%.

Then came a time to structure the way we do business.. We created a license and Permit Raj. Believe me until 12 years ago, this GOD really did things to us. So on we kept one creating Evil Gods one after the other that did too much harm than good for the development of nations.. I am sure we can talk about several Evil god and talk endless. I never named POTA and others here.

Now we are forced to swallow another Evil God right through our throats, JanLokpal. First the Evil Society that is trying to bring the Evil God in picture thinks that Lokpal is the answer to corruption. I don't know how. So for the better facts I thought I will pull this..

Ombudsman Success:
I always heard about Sweden and Denmark as an argument by the Evil Society, But why doesn't the Evil society educate its supporters about the other countries? These are the figures of the most corrupt countries from 2009 and a Corruption Index provided by Transparency International. Compare this with the list of countries that already have the office of Ombudsman Aka Lokpal here . Now if these countries who are since long [As early as 90's] not able to get the Ombudsman control corruption, why does the JanLokpal think it will?

Politicians = Corrupt?
Talk to any Evil Society supporter. He would begin talking with a pure assumption that every Politician is Corrupt. In fact on records the Evil Society members went ahead and said Ministers and Politicians are liars. I believe the Evil society has a great PR team, they have touched a serious point, Corruption and got a lot of Politically illiterate people stand blindly for them. I have to say that this assumption should not be the base for creating an Evil GOD. Moreover the best part is that they leave no argument talking about 2G, CWG and other scams. What about the corruption in general? Why does the Evil Society doesn't talk about corruption in Private sector. Anyways. It all goes with assumption so the Evil Society doesn't listen talk about this.

Democracy to Hell :
"Well I will fast to death if this demand is not fulfilled"
"Junta (Public support) is with us and we will show you your destiny"
Name one, I have heard one and many dialogues that monologued like a bollywood film to me. I don't say I am disappointed, but I have to say that do these people think that democracy means freedom to talk and freedom to do anything they want? Well keeping democracy at a fray the constitutional anarchy is about to hit us with the Lokpal. One of several reasons is what I read in the following places :

Harini Calamur : My issues with Janlokpal

Marya Shakeel : It undermines democracy

(Col) Anil Athale : Why I oppose Janlokpal

Atanu Dey : Janlokpal

@Offstumped : A Robinhood Lokpal

Cure or Fix? Cure what? :
The latest war as on July first week was about getting PM in the ambit of Lokpal and so on that the Lokpal will monitor the behaviours (Voting and talks) by MP in the parliament. For the first point I really am confused.. I always thought that the MP elected by people is accountable to the people, Cabinet Ministers and PM accountable to the parliament (Elected MP's). Are the Evil society members wanting to say that everyone in parliament is not doing there jobs? Well why would Lokpal do then?

2. The monitoring of Voting and Speeches of MP.. On this topic I go back to the Anti Defection law.. This law should be worked on instead of another law created. Let the MP's make there decision of voting on Bills. If they can decide what is right and what is wrong instead of party whips, the issue of monitoring them would loose. Lokpal's idea of monitoring doesn't seem to work.. You cant put camera's on parliament, MP, his office, his people, his toilets to ensure he doesn't do wrong. Give him freedom under which he can effectively work.

Accountability :
When I put a debate with a supporter of Evil Society, I heard an argument that Lokpal will not be corrupt, he will be accountable to the people. I see no difference in what a MP and what a Lokpal has in terms of accountability, yet with 1 difference that 1 is people's own democratic choice and another unconstitutional, unnecessary. Any one can lodge a complaint with Lokpal and recall him? Why not reform for MP's too? Why make another system to manage them?

Reforms :
Evil Society doesn't want to talk about reforms:
Electoral reforms :
1. State funded elections / campaigns
2. Effective recall of MP's, parliament members.
3. Transparency of offices that deal with finances
4. Transparency of links of public servants with businesses and their assets
5. Economic freedom
6. Improvisation of POCA
7. So many more things to discuss and debate about.

Over and over I can tell you that the more I think about Lokpal the more I believe that we are trying to find an ocean looking at an oasis without being in the desert. Step in learn the pro and cons, debate, decide and then take an approach. 16th August as a deadline sounds like a laughing material and can be as un-realistic as the Evil society being accountable to the people of this country.


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