May 6, 2011

Good Times are ahead

When some astrologer told my wife last year that the period until June is disastrous, I jokingly told her that it always was ;) but as time closes by I know what he meant.... Well good times are ahead. I am enjoying my last few weeks [I call it transition] with so much of development happening...and I am sure this will continue as long as the positivity leads it through....

First I met some real Sr. people in the Pune Political arena and they blessed me with some guidance on how to move further in life... with their regards I am preparing a vision and a roadmap for myself ;) this time I will have it short-termed.

Then I am inspired by a set of folks on twitter.. all of them entrepreneurs and really doing well in their lives. When I shared my view and some Ideas with them they appreciated it and think that I am maybe thinking in the right direction... Execution may have to fall in place.

I feel inspired from within as some of the folks at work are shaping up very well, for some time I was displeased but now I see good stuff getting along and falling in place. I am sure if they continue doing that they would lead to a good future.

I started writing more again... if you have noticed this blog was dead for the last year and the PM blog was suffering from hit and miss options.. I am writing more dedicatedly now and hoping I will improve.

Next.. from this week until next I have some time to spend on my blog... I am hoping this will help me grab a nice template.

I intend to swim, jog and run.. and it already helps me feeling fresh...

Last but not the least... I am enjoying my short lived bachelorhood since the wife is gone to in-laws for until the weekend...


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