May 16, 2011

The Royal Bengal Affair

With the Trinamool Congress sweeping the polls in the 2011 assembly elections pouring the 34 years old communist rule in West Bengal... The Royal Bengal Tigress also known as Didi has proven that only hard work gets you there in Politics.

Showing a very effective mode of leadership Mamta Banerjee invited the Congress and SUFC to join the government inspite of having a clear majority in the house...

Way to go....

May 11, 2011

May the 13th

The assembly election results are going to be out... the Exit polls that are already giving an upper hand to the Congress and alliances.. shows which side people stand. It was never about a party it was about a political party that takes actions that are required and that talks development...

Taking serious steps on people who are charged with corruption no matter if they are from own party or a powerful ally... only one thing is shown.. There is something called GUTS to take action.. Anyways.. while the results are waiting to be announced I am very sure Congress and its allies will form government in TN, West Bengal, Assam, Kerala and Pondicherry.... errrr all states?

May 9, 2011

May 6, 2011

Good Times are ahead

When some astrologer told my wife last year that the period until June is disastrous, I jokingly told her that it always was ;) but as time closes by I know what he meant.... Well good times are ahead. I am enjoying my last few weeks [I call it transition] with so much of development happening...and I am sure this will continue as long as the positivity leads it through....

First I met some real Sr. people in the Pune Political arena and they blessed me with some guidance on how to move further in life... with their regards I am preparing a vision and a roadmap for myself ;) this time I will have it short-termed.

Then I am inspired by a set of folks on twitter.. all of them entrepreneurs and really doing well in their lives. When I shared my view and some Ideas with them they appreciated it and think that I am maybe thinking in the right direction... Execution may have to fall in place.

I feel inspired from within as some of the folks at work are shaping up very well, for some time I was displeased but now I see good stuff getting along and falling in place. I am sure if they continue doing that they would lead to a good future.

I started writing more again... if you have noticed this blog was dead for the last year and the PM blog was suffering from hit and miss options.. I am writing more dedicatedly now and hoping I will improve.

Next.. from this week until next I have some time to spend on my blog... I am hoping this will help me grab a nice template.

I intend to swim, jog and run.. and it already helps me feeling fresh...

Last but not the least... I am enjoying my short lived bachelorhood since the wife is gone to in-laws for until the weekend...