Feb 15, 2011

Joining Youth Congress

For some of you to know.. I have done my part of the participation towards Youth Congress.. and soon I am going to be the member of the youth congress wing. The thought of joining politics at active level has always been in mind, just that I never had courage to step up and say that YES I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE for the nation. I feel proud now that I am participating in a movement that can bring youth into active politics and curb those issues that have always been hurting us...Though I intend to run at a semi-active level for now I am sure sooner or later [atleast next 5-10 yrs] I am going to be highly active in.

Just so that I dont sound like a desperate newly wed... It took a moment of definitions on what and why I wanted to do this... but I havent yet figured out completely on how I will contribute to the Youth Congress wing.. I surely want to spend a lot of my hours and energy into it, so that I can help my nation.

Some asked me Why politics... why not NGO's etc?
Well I have a simple experience in my life, I always chose things that did not work well... today everyone just wants to make politicians responsible for whatever issues be it corruption, terrorism or natural disasters, I want to change this. I am sure I cant do this alone.. so the I is going to be We always. From a personal ground I am a people person, I love public speaking, I love interacting with people, I love been a part of the change and more importantly I love brining in the change.. I have patience to stick around, I have mindset to learn and improvise. I have mentality to grow and let people grow. I hate corruption. I am sure I am not greedy for money, and since you have known me for a while you also know that I am honest. Now that this blog post has become my memorandum... I would seek your contribution in helping me and this nation get back on track..

We together can be a revolution.. we together can help India be India and remain to be India... The good part of been a part of Youth Congress is that the vision and ideology of Youth Congress matches to how I think, I choose congress as they want to get some development done. I better get basic necessities for those houses in the rural and urban areas who struggle hard for it, I better create job opportunities for those who are unemployed and get some blessings from them than fight for a temple or mosque, some city or state...

Wish me luck, in my new journey