Jan 26, 2011

Has the youth got it yet?

Well it definitely has... The issues around price rise, corruption while are making rounds in the internet-sphere... no weightage was given to the recent issues directed to create problems, affect communal harmony or peace be it Ayodhya verdict or be it the recent events of Flag hoisting in Lal Chowk.. no issues that are political war games take a big toll... people know the reality and with time and awareness they are getting closer to know themselves the ugly face of gross politics... and thats another reason why there is a wave of opinions from youngsters to join politics, be a part of it...

Yes we have issues, Yes we have people who are corrupt, Yes we have to work our way out to get things right... and the youth is definitely working towards it... Today I met many of the young guns who want to join mainstream politics, just not become members of certain political party to stay connected... I think this is the right step towards future....

We need to get in the sewage of politics and governance to clean it... Are we ready?


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