Dec 21, 2011

Ameer Minai - Unki Hasrat

उस की हसरत है की दिल से मिटा भी न सकू
ढूँढने उस को चला हूँ जिसे पा भी न सकू

दाल के ख़ाक मेरे खून पे कातिल ने कहा
कुछ यह मेहँदी नहीं मेरी के मिटा भी न सकू

ज़ब्त कमबख्त ने और आ के गला घोटा है
के उसे हाल सुनाऊ तों सूना भी न सकू

उस के पहलू में जो लेजा के सुला दूँ दिल को
नींद ऐसी आये के उसे जगा भी न सकू

बेवफा लिखते है वों अपनी कलम से मुझ को
ये वो किस्मत का लिखा है जो मिटा भी न सकू

Oct 17, 2011

Voter Registration - Pune Municipal Elections 2012

In case you have not had your name in the voters list, please make sure that you take the opportunity to register yourself... details below:

To register yourself Download and Fill up the following form -> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

For correction/change Download and fill up the following form : CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Forms can be submitted at the polling stations below :
205-Chinchwad : Click to see the list

206-Pimpari : Click Here

207-Bhosari : Click Here

208-Vadgaon sheri : Click Here

209- Shivajinagar : Click Here

210-Kothrud : Click Here

211-khadakwasla : Click Here

212- Parvati : Click Here

213- Hadapsar : Click Here

214-Cantonment: Click Here

215- Kasba : Click Here

More details can be found at

Sep 21, 2011

Pune Municipal Elections 2012

Well if you are a Puniete, you must be aware that the Municipal elections for Pune are right on door.. Looking at the status of a lot of wards I along with a few contributors decided to put a know your ward thread that will describe some stats , names, issues and potentially the "would be" candidates from those wards...

The effort will be split in 76-90 days considering 76 wards in the city... please do share / contribute... if you are willing to join this effort, leave a comment and I will respond.

Sep 11, 2011

The Common man in Politics, Sameer Shaikh for Pune Youth Congress -

2 Years ago, I had openly expressed my wish to be a part of Politics. I wrote about it here. The objective in my mind then was to be a part of the system not just to try and change it, but also to convince more professionals, educated and passionate folks to be a part of this system and finally work towards the reason why we achieved Independence.... "Removing Inequalities", "Taking India to a new era of Development" many more but the one and only.." Have Happy Indians"....

Rahul Gandhi who has been for years persuading Youth to come join hands, Youth for him referred to Young people from NGO and non political background, educated and passionate people who want to eliminate corruption, work towards development of a great nation.

Then earlier this year I took my first step... I joined Youth Congress Pune.... [Wrote about it here ]. Today I write to tell you all that I am now getting integrated into politics and am contesting the first level of elections for getting elected on the working committee of Youth Congress Pune...

Though this is the first and small step... I am sure I would keep those values of Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity and hard work that I got from my family and friends. Now I come to you and ask for your help in whatever way you can to help me to succeed in my attempts to bring a change in Politics?

For now to let you know, I contest for the General Secretary position of the Pune Youth Congress the elections are on 17th and 18th September, an I am hopeful that the voters for this elections would definitely work towards giving a chance to the commoner.

Jai Hind. Jai Maharashtra.


Jul 13, 2011

Mumbai Burning

This is not it, the anger valid the rage acceptable. Just when we came out of march 1993 and 7/11 and 26/11 we are forced into a 13/11. With the spirit alive, with the city showing the best levels of humanity... our sufferings are unmatched, our patience beyond tests.

For those of you who have no shame in doing this inhuman act, beware. Our condolences to the families who lost their near and dear ones, for those who are injured our wishes you get well soon and for rest of us let's show how we stand together against any form of terrorism. The blasts today in Mumbai at Zaveri bazaar, Dadar and Opera House are severely condemned.

Jul 4, 2011

Creating (c)Evil Gods

Pardon me for the offensive way of putting this, specially to those Internet world aggressive supporters of the (Not so) but still a Civil society who try to harass and fight with you with words, tweets and protests the moment you put any argument against the concept of Janlokpal, Ignore the fact that many have no clue what the Jan Lokpal bill is about. So to begin I beg to differ that the movement Anna Hazare started is a mass movement, secondly I always thought that dictatorship or lawless society was all about black mailing, hi jacking and kidnapping with ransom demands. In my 32 yrs of life this was the first time I saw that Democracy can be effectively used to blackmail anything and anyone.

Now a lot of these people who took part in this mass blackmailing of Government and of course call themselves the civil society/supporters of it are not known to me (Hence I will defer from making any personal comment) but knowingly or unknowingly they have given birth to the Evil God and they are striving to give birth to a group of Evil Gods. When I first read the Janlokpal Bill with the limited knowledge of policy making I have I thought it was a child's art work who want his toys in time before he starts crying. The JanLokpal bill that is going to introduce the Lokpal is one Evil god that I see getting created... for various reasons which we can discuss only if you keep your prejudice and ego away.

Years ago we created an Evil God.. a God that would help let a lot of us Indians live in communal harmony. Some call it secularism. I am unsure if I understand it correctly. Secularism was never supposed to be about majority and minority, it was instead about communities leaving in peace and harmony. However the Evil God created never let it happen and bench warmers used this God to their benefit in the way they wanted. Even today a lot of political parties use this GOD to get into Power.

Then came a time we created another Evil God, A god who would distinguish us based on casts so we get different benefits. Some call it Reservation. Again when I read parts of our constitution I felt that it was supposed to be a priest that would leave its way once things get back on track. Till date I don't understand why one's caste should define what he should get and not his merit. I may be forced to remove this part of the blog, but I just don't understand why my 73% are not good enough to get me sit beside a guy who secured 43%.

Then came a time to structure the way we do business.. We created a license and Permit Raj. Believe me until 12 years ago, this GOD really did things to us. So on we kept one creating Evil Gods one after the other that did too much harm than good for the development of nations.. I am sure we can talk about several Evil god and talk endless. I never named POTA and others here.

Now we are forced to swallow another Evil God right through our throats, JanLokpal. First the Evil Society that is trying to bring the Evil God in picture thinks that Lokpal is the answer to corruption. I don't know how. So for the better facts I thought I will pull this..

Ombudsman Success:
I always heard about Sweden and Denmark as an argument by the Evil Society, But why doesn't the Evil society educate its supporters about the other countries? These are the figures of the most corrupt countries from 2009 and a Corruption Index provided by Transparency International. Compare this with the list of countries that already have the office of Ombudsman Aka Lokpal here . Now if these countries who are since long [As early as 90's] not able to get the Ombudsman control corruption, why does the JanLokpal think it will?

Politicians = Corrupt?
Talk to any Evil Society supporter. He would begin talking with a pure assumption that every Politician is Corrupt. In fact on records the Evil Society members went ahead and said Ministers and Politicians are liars. I believe the Evil society has a great PR team, they have touched a serious point, Corruption and got a lot of Politically illiterate people stand blindly for them. I have to say that this assumption should not be the base for creating an Evil GOD. Moreover the best part is that they leave no argument talking about 2G, CWG and other scams. What about the corruption in general? Why does the Evil Society doesn't talk about corruption in Private sector. Anyways. It all goes with assumption so the Evil Society doesn't listen talk about this.

Democracy to Hell :
"Well I will fast to death if this demand is not fulfilled"
"Junta (Public support) is with us and we will show you your destiny"
Name one, I have heard one and many dialogues that monologued like a bollywood film to me. I don't say I am disappointed, but I have to say that do these people think that democracy means freedom to talk and freedom to do anything they want? Well keeping democracy at a fray the constitutional anarchy is about to hit us with the Lokpal. One of several reasons is what I read in the following places :

Harini Calamur : My issues with Janlokpal

Marya Shakeel : It undermines democracy

(Col) Anil Athale : Why I oppose Janlokpal

Atanu Dey : Janlokpal

@Offstumped : A Robinhood Lokpal

Cure or Fix? Cure what? :
The latest war as on July first week was about getting PM in the ambit of Lokpal and so on that the Lokpal will monitor the behaviours (Voting and talks) by MP in the parliament. For the first point I really am confused.. I always thought that the MP elected by people is accountable to the people, Cabinet Ministers and PM accountable to the parliament (Elected MP's). Are the Evil society members wanting to say that everyone in parliament is not doing there jobs? Well why would Lokpal do then?

2. The monitoring of Voting and Speeches of MP.. On this topic I go back to the Anti Defection law.. This law should be worked on instead of another law created. Let the MP's make there decision of voting on Bills. If they can decide what is right and what is wrong instead of party whips, the issue of monitoring them would loose. Lokpal's idea of monitoring doesn't seem to work.. You cant put camera's on parliament, MP, his office, his people, his toilets to ensure he doesn't do wrong. Give him freedom under which he can effectively work.

Accountability :
When I put a debate with a supporter of Evil Society, I heard an argument that Lokpal will not be corrupt, he will be accountable to the people. I see no difference in what a MP and what a Lokpal has in terms of accountability, yet with 1 difference that 1 is people's own democratic choice and another unconstitutional, unnecessary. Any one can lodge a complaint with Lokpal and recall him? Why not reform for MP's too? Why make another system to manage them?

Reforms :
Evil Society doesn't want to talk about reforms:
Electoral reforms :
1. State funded elections / campaigns
2. Effective recall of MP's, parliament members.
3. Transparency of offices that deal with finances
4. Transparency of links of public servants with businesses and their assets
5. Economic freedom
6. Improvisation of POCA
7. So many more things to discuss and debate about.

Over and over I can tell you that the more I think about Lokpal the more I believe that we are trying to find an ocean looking at an oasis without being in the desert. Step in learn the pro and cons, debate, decide and then take an approach. 16th August as a deadline sounds like a laughing material and can be as un-realistic as the Evil society being accountable to the people of this country.

May 16, 2011

The Royal Bengal Affair

With the Trinamool Congress sweeping the polls in the 2011 assembly elections pouring the 34 years old communist rule in West Bengal... The Royal Bengal Tigress also known as Didi has proven that only hard work gets you there in Politics.

Showing a very effective mode of leadership Mamta Banerjee invited the Congress and SUFC to join the government inspite of having a clear majority in the house...

Way to go....

May 11, 2011

May the 13th

The assembly election results are going to be out... the Exit polls that are already giving an upper hand to the Congress and alliances.. shows which side people stand. It was never about a party it was about a political party that takes actions that are required and that talks development...

Taking serious steps on people who are charged with corruption no matter if they are from own party or a powerful ally... only one thing is shown.. There is something called GUTS to take action.. Anyways.. while the results are waiting to be announced I am very sure Congress and its allies will form government in TN, West Bengal, Assam, Kerala and Pondicherry.... errrr all states?

May 9, 2011

May 6, 2011

Good Times are ahead

When some astrologer told my wife last year that the period until June is disastrous, I jokingly told her that it always was ;) but as time closes by I know what he meant.... Well good times are ahead. I am enjoying my last few weeks [I call it transition] with so much of development happening...and I am sure this will continue as long as the positivity leads it through....

First I met some real Sr. people in the Pune Political arena and they blessed me with some guidance on how to move further in life... with their regards I am preparing a vision and a roadmap for myself ;) this time I will have it short-termed.

Then I am inspired by a set of folks on twitter.. all of them entrepreneurs and really doing well in their lives. When I shared my view and some Ideas with them they appreciated it and think that I am maybe thinking in the right direction... Execution may have to fall in place.

I feel inspired from within as some of the folks at work are shaping up very well, for some time I was displeased but now I see good stuff getting along and falling in place. I am sure if they continue doing that they would lead to a good future.

I started writing more again... if you have noticed this blog was dead for the last year and the PM blog was suffering from hit and miss options.. I am writing more dedicatedly now and hoping I will improve.

Next.. from this week until next I have some time to spend on my blog... I am hoping this will help me grab a nice template.

I intend to swim, jog and run.. and it already helps me feeling fresh...

Last but not the least... I am enjoying my short lived bachelorhood since the wife is gone to in-laws for until the weekend...

Apr 18, 2011

Corruption, Hazare, Lokpal and reality

5th April 2011, marked a day in the calendar of India for the attempt to revotunalise Indians by the great deed from the man who has almost spent his entire life fighting against corruption. Yes I talk about Anna Hazare. The reason I put this blog is not to praise or criticise his efforts, but try to emphasise on those points that always triggered a debate from people defending it or opposing it. Over the next few days I am going to make several posts around this and target a few of the critical learnings that should be extracted from this whole episode. This is also my way of explaining my critics on a valid point they are not able to catch up yet.

To give a bit of a background when I tweeted and argued over the content of the Jan Lokpal bill and my opinion that some of the demands Mr. Hazare made are un-realistic, I faced heavier criticism from some of my folks, something that I believe is going to come in the way no matter whether you are Anna Hazare or Mahatma Gandhi or a comman man like me...

So first lets begin with what those issues are..

1. Is this really War on Corruption? The Jan lokpal Bill? Is India really against corruption?

Well after the fast was initiated by Anna.. a few hundreds started pouring emails, media boxes, tweets and Facebook posts asking and demanding support for India Against corruption. There were other bunch who took candle march, street protest, support fasts etc.. However what disappoints me in this whole episode is the fact that everyone who talked about corruption blamed it on Politicians. It's not new I understand, someone has to be a scapegoat for someone's deeds... but then corruption is not really restricted to politicians only is it? I have never heard a word where people say that a common man can also be corrupt, when he tries to pay off a small amount to get his thing done from the government office. Well because what triggers the volcano is never looked at, what is always seen is the aftermath of the volcano.. so the volcano of corruption is simply finding a scapegoat called "Government" or "Politcian". So are politicians,officials the only people spreading corruption? I think everyone reading this knows the answer.. NO.. Off all these guys who are shouting against corruption not corrupt themselves? I read a few funny tweets on this.. one was like

"Hypocracy ->; Person tweeting against corruption does that from the pirated copy of windows"

isn't it funny enough? Well ask those guys who try to produce fake degree's to get jobs, fake bills to evade tax, pay agents to get documents faster, hide real estate costs to save money on Tax and Stamp duty, produce fake travel bills to get the LTA allowance blah blah blah.. I am sure the list will go and become a unreadable book. Anyways the point is not that who does corruption here.. point is will this Bill solve our issue? I am not a real cynic out here.. I am just trying to pose my concerns.. if corruption is not thrown out by majority, we will never be able to free ourselves.. You get a Jan Lok pal Bill or any other. So to conclude this part... Unless the human soul within us become a Anna Hazare.. we are not going to be able to fix the problem of corruption... [To those who felt I was criticizing Anna, this is the best gesture I can give to show how much I respect for what he is doing]

Now.. why I think Anna is fighting a wrong battle? I have to say this is not war on corruption.. it is a war on people in govt to get something done that can so-called stop corruption. And here are my points that I will elaborate in the next few blogs on how it will not.

1. The issues I think are problematic with the Jan Lok pal

A. Doubts over the selection process. If people of Indian origin and winners of Magsaysay ward are going to select the lokpal committee who is accountable? In general when there is a issue [Terrorism, price rise, economic trouble] we hold the government (members elected by people) accountable for the issue, in this case who from this so called civil society should be held accountable?

B. How will corruption be tackled? There is no significant theory demonstrated in the Jan Lokpal Bill

C. If your trust on Court, Police, Army, CBI, CVC is so less, and since you are creating another power house.. what is the guarantee that the same lack of trust will not be faced by the Lokpal office?

D. Why is it restricted to Officials and Politicians.. why is the scope and jurisdiction not laying hands on corporates?

E. What if every citizen starts filing complaints against each other? Will the lokpal office not be busy scrutinizing false complaints?

F. People who are not using the governments RTI, Grievances readdress .. what is the guarantee they will use Lokpal?

G. Members who drafted the bill and who are going to be a part of the lokpal office, if they are civil society members.. how are they accountable and liable to us?

H. Why did it take some of the members of the current draft committee to wait since 1969 to revise this?

There are many more questions on why this battle is a wrong battle to fight, a few of them here:

1. Sue Motto : How will it help to ensure that there is no dictators rule followed here?
2. How will investigation and sentence come in such a short time? 2 months - 2 years
3. How will un-biased behavior be expected from Lokpal draft committee?
4. What is the reality behind getting it passed or not?
5. Which public offices do not come under jurisdiction of Lokpal?
6. Will the Lokpal office be under RTI?

Many more questions are unanswered and I am sure as time passes the questions are going to be echoed more fluently by many of those who currently stand blindly on supporting this cause. I also want to mention in clear that the Lokpal or the efforts to bring Lokpal are not criticized for the sake of being cynics, they are criticized due to the form they are in.

2. Shouldn't we cure the disease, instead of fever?

I am not sure if many of you are aware but what Bill Gates Foundation is doing is said to be that it is trying to Kill Malaria and not trying to build hospitals so that the patients affected by malaria can be cured. Read here. Now if we go by the simple logic we need to figure out a way to stop corruption, not ways to find out how to Punish the corrupt..

Here is a glimpse of what needs to be done to put try catch on corruption. Of course this is not all and many reasonable and serious thoughts needs to be given on some of these things..

A. Electoral Reforms : A big multi value jargon. In simple words put a few checks and conditions on :
1. Qualifications to contest elections
2. State funded campaigns
3. Development accountability for MP's
4. Remove the Defection law (Originally drafted by one of the members of the current civil society group). If X party issues a whip, a member of the house either has to vote for the party or face a defection motion making him in-eligible for the post he is holding. While switching parties to form government should be blocked, it is necessary that the MP's vote for what they think is right.
5. Compulsory voting? I am not sure how we can achieve it though.
6. Recall rights : Currently we have very difficult process to recall an elected member. If we need the corruption elements to be seized we need this to be made clear and easy.
Lot more......

Constitutional Reforms:
1. Currently our Constitution holds a split of executive, legislature and judiciary as our prime systems while judiciary is highly independent. Legislature gets the maximum control over the entirety. So thus government controls execs / institutions except court. This needs to be changed so independence is achieved in all 3 sects and the powers are equally distributed.
Lot more... the biggies must think of this.

I am sure while many who have initially voiced there strong opinions over (Jan) Lokpal Bill are now going to come back and question its fruitfulness... not far as I already see... Mr. Hazare himself claiming that the conditions to get the Bill passed by 15th Aug can be eased after the first meeting that was held on 16th April. I am sure the reason is clear... its not a easy thing to just put this bill in place and he realize it now.

For the rest that will come over this blog, stay tuned....

Mar 29, 2011

Renewing this blog...

A new design
A new section
A new format

and a new Aura... Believe it or not this blog has gone unchanged for the last few months and I certainly am looking to fix it... hold on for a while and I will improvise my contributions...

For those of whom I am not in touch with... apart from finding time for myself over facebook, twitter and the pm blog.. I am also reading the translated Quran and the Final Verses a book by Abdul Qadri...

Believe it or not I am trying to effectively improvise my beliefs and understand Islam in a better way... and to mention.. these mornings are pleasant and the evenings are smooth.

Feb 15, 2011

Joining Youth Congress

For some of you to know.. I have done my part of the participation towards Youth Congress.. and soon I am going to be the member of the youth congress wing. The thought of joining politics at active level has always been in mind, just that I never had courage to step up and say that YES I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE for the nation. I feel proud now that I am participating in a movement that can bring youth into active politics and curb those issues that have always been hurting us...Though I intend to run at a semi-active level for now I am sure sooner or later [atleast next 5-10 yrs] I am going to be highly active in.

Just so that I dont sound like a desperate newly wed... It took a moment of definitions on what and why I wanted to do this... but I havent yet figured out completely on how I will contribute to the Youth Congress wing.. I surely want to spend a lot of my hours and energy into it, so that I can help my nation.

Some asked me Why politics... why not NGO's etc?
Well I have a simple experience in my life, I always chose things that did not work well... today everyone just wants to make politicians responsible for whatever issues be it corruption, terrorism or natural disasters, I want to change this. I am sure I cant do this alone.. so the I is going to be We always. From a personal ground I am a people person, I love public speaking, I love interacting with people, I love been a part of the change and more importantly I love brining in the change.. I have patience to stick around, I have mindset to learn and improvise. I have mentality to grow and let people grow. I hate corruption. I am sure I am not greedy for money, and since you have known me for a while you also know that I am honest. Now that this blog post has become my memorandum... I would seek your contribution in helping me and this nation get back on track..

We together can be a revolution.. we together can help India be India and remain to be India... The good part of been a part of Youth Congress is that the vision and ideology of Youth Congress matches to how I think, I choose congress as they want to get some development done. I better get basic necessities for those houses in the rural and urban areas who struggle hard for it, I better create job opportunities for those who are unemployed and get some blessings from them than fight for a temple or mosque, some city or state...

Wish me luck, in my new journey

Jan 27, 2011

A Salute to Yashwant Sonawane

A day before the republic day, while India was preparing to celebrate the foundations of our great constitution... Manmad a small time town in Maharashtra saw the Additional District Collector burnt alive by the Oil Mafia... Just before his brutual murder.. Sonawane who is an IAS officer recorded a video of the Oil mafia doing rounds of kerosene and oil from the tankers carrying it.

While the nation sees newspapers full of news of corruption and political war games.. this guy with his life has really set an example to others... a lesson to everyone of what loyalty, honesty and patriotism is all about...

Dear Mr Yashwant Sonawane... We Salute you .. You are a true national hero...

Jan 26, 2011

Has the youth got it yet?

Well it definitely has... The issues around price rise, corruption while are making rounds in the internet-sphere... no weightage was given to the recent issues directed to create problems, affect communal harmony or peace be it Ayodhya verdict or be it the recent events of Flag hoisting in Lal Chowk.. no issues that are political war games take a big toll... people know the reality and with time and awareness they are getting closer to know themselves the ugly face of gross politics... and thats another reason why there is a wave of opinions from youngsters to join politics, be a part of it...

Yes we have issues, Yes we have people who are corrupt, Yes we have to work our way out to get things right... and the youth is definitely working towards it... Today I met many of the young guns who want to join mainstream politics, just not become members of certain political party to stay connected... I think this is the right step towards future....

We need to get in the sewage of politics and governance to clean it... Are we ready?