Nov 14, 2010

New CM, New Thoughts

The New CM seems to have triggered off a wave of fear amongst the buerecrats, ministers and officers working for the State... Through his way of been into details and his 16 hr day he has been already passing right signals to the people of the state... All I would say is that the new wife is very respectful.. let the marriage settle and we would see if we should comment or not..

Oct 31, 2010

Oct 12, 2010

Oct 4, 2010

Why is Bigg Boss 4 so adorable?

I dont know, I really dont know to be honest... But I am sure that if you have been watching the last 3 seasons of Bigg Boss, you are going to love this version slightly more....

So somebody asked me a question on why? So while the Bigg Boss team was busy getting todays show on the TV with the editing and cutting , it was already released leaks that Bunty the Oye Lucky fame was been ousted by Bigg Boss for mis behaviour...

Well it is true... Bunty is now out. for abuses and man handling of Bigg Boss den equipments... I wish and intend to push through the bigg boss blogs in a more effective and spicier way... lets see

Sep 14, 2010

Aug 3, 2010

Its been ages

Yes almost 7 months today... from the last post... I feel I cheated this blog... Well never mind.. never too late when one has to come back...

I finished reading Sidin's DORK today.. hilarious read I must say.. I wish to write all my possible reviews... movies, restaurants, books and so much more here...

You think I will find time? Well what the hell do I do anyways till 4.... I will try to paint more over here...

Jan 8, 2010

Dance India Dance Season 2 begins

It is fun, the 18 contestants have been shortlisted and are now ready to entertain the world for the next 12 weeks. I will on this blog try to bring you some unseen videos , uncensored interviews and sme photos from Dance India Dance season 2 contestants and judges...

Steay tuned