Nov 10, 2009

Raj Thackerey Aagey Badho, Hindustan tumhare saath hai

Date : 10th November 2009
Time : Sometime during the day
enue : Maharashtra State Assembly
Occasion : Oath taking ceremony for the newly elected Members of Legislative Assembly
Incident : Rape..

ehhhhh.????? No wasnt it a political stunt? Niether political rally? then it must be some Netaji doing some speech? No , No, No???? darn what was it?
Me : You tell me
My soul : An open rape..
Me : Cheeey.. no way
My soul : Indeed, It was ..
Me : Why do you say that? Who raped and who was raped?
My Soul : Democracy was raped, openly. People who raped it had taken Viagara to ensure it was raped inhuman. Not only that, with pride people who raped walked away!!!

This is what happened yesterday as all of you may have known.. a few elected members demanding that other elected members can only take Oath only in Marathi the native state language. People who did not know or deliberately did not want to chose to go the national language and the rape happened. Anyways... we dont care about it.. We are the mediocre Indians who would say "So what, it happens... what can we do anyways" in other words the nation is saying that "Raj Thackerey continue doing what you do, we all will keep mum" I am sure the hooligans would not wait to target me when they read the blog so will they do reading several other blogs that say the same thing...
So what all happened and not just the rape?

1. Some Buses were stone pelted in the city
2. Some shops were forced to close
3. Some school children were scared as they did not know what to do , when people on roads were shouting slogans and were in an aggressive mood.
4. Some loss of public property
5. The broken microphone which was used to take Oaths.
6. Some comments from decent people that this is not accepted
7. Suspension of 4 people suspected of raping democracy
8. Statements made by the Semi volted fuse saying we will go to court to handle this
9. Some more rapes.. this time of the pride of the National Language, spoken in majority of the country
10. Smile... This is how you run a House......

Well he said it, he did it.. for those votes that he needs desperately.. he chose to ruin democracy and freedom of choice. But we will keep mum..

Current Government : We wont do much
Police : We cant do much
People : How can we do anything
Hooligans : We will do it again and again.

So the nation will not stand up against this and in other words Silence is acceptance... meaning Raj Thackerey Aagey Badho hum tumhare saath hai"


  1. strange!! ppl believe hindi is language of UP & Bihar, none see it as RastraBahsha any more :(

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