Oct 22, 2009

Will I? Will I Ever?

Yes... an honest question I have being asking me for a while now... I have a very strong urge to join politics.. I may be an a**hole and I want to prove that I be the same a**hole when I join politics... Today when the election results for the State Assembly are out... I call myself and Ask.. Will I? Will I ever be able to join politics? In other words will I ever go to politics?

Even if not now... I see myself in the next 5 yrs moving towards politics... NO I dont want to just run a election, win and earn.. there are reasons I want to be in politics...

1. In the last few years of working I have seen a professional attitude built in me.. and I guess this attitude will bring a different perspective in political arena..

2. I think I am happy with what I have done in my life.. I think whatever I did I did well, and where I did not do well I took my lessons right.

3. I want to give something back to the community... I know that other modes can let me do that, but the opportunities to do it better will not be there...

4. Its time to step up and show the city, state, country and world that we want to change it.. there are so many who are stepping up and there is a need to support it by not backing it but being up in front.

5. I think I like it..

Well now its just not that I wanna be.. I have being thinking of putting a five year plan to step up and do this... unlike sitting back and waiting for an opportunity I am going to think of stepping up and earning this opportunity...

Year 1 :
Look out the contacts in a national party and try to involve in side line activities that are under a specific division and area.

No I cant get into politics as an independant or from some small party that has no existing political support... Difficult, but what is not in this world?

Year 2 :
Presence : Make it felt, not by party but by a set of youth.
target Youth oriented activities, sports, counsel younger generation in slums and various other areas.
Join force with an existing party entity: there is nothing better than having a God Father.

Year 3 :
Run campaigns, Innovate , Bring technology to support activities in the region.
Study the area that you target to opt for. Break the area up into:
1. Type of localities
2. Subsidy wards
3. strenghts and weaknesses of area (commercial, functional, natural)
4. Put up a roadmap for every 500 houses in a given area.
5. Build the Team to look after the breakups.
6. identify potential revenue earners for the area (Hoardings, bill boards, over bridges, companies in the area etc) these revenue earners can be forced to suppport infrastructure activities.

Year 4 :
List down common problems per 500 houses.
2. Build a workaround list for it
3. Build a long term goal
4. Target problems and self dependency options per 5 units (rain water plant, solar plants, personal wind mills ) etc
5. Use providers and big brands to advertise and support energy saving options within the region. Get sponsors for such things.

Year 5 :
Step in to be in politics.... Dirt yourself so you can be one of them and then step up to show how you can clean yourself and others...

In these 5 years I have several ideas that can be put up in the plan... a few examples:

1. Find corporates in a given area, make them to advertise themselves by :
a. Sponsoring energy saving items on road lights etc (Solar plants)
b. rain harvesting plants in outer , unskirted belts
c. Promote local and stable employement opportunities
d. Generate multiple common areas to generate smaller business around those places

2. Self help female units..
a. generate personal opportunities by letting house wives generate businesses like laundry, food and beverages and messers.
b. micro banking units to help save on daily basis
c. invite College social groups that can help slums and other under privilidge areas with home schools and night schools

3. Medical
a AIDS, and other medical awareness programs.
b. get help groups to generate physical and mental health opportunities

4. Promote local and micro business opportunities like auto rickshaws, tourism vehicles etc.

5. Create innovative public place to invite more tourism options

6. Install road and rail congestion charges to private vehicle owners

7. promote recycling abilities to support reusability

...... many many more... My referandum should probably hold this... but this is something that I would like to start planning on initially.. I hope I will do it right if I do it..

Will I do it is the Question... Will I? Can I?


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