Oct 7, 2009

Bombay - Gang Mafia, Mumbai - Political Mafia.. Why Mumbai????

Karan Johar had to apologize for making a wonderful movie and contributing to the Indian Cinema with his fine and glamorous movies.

Karan Johar had to apologize because someone in Town did not like what he made

Karan Johar had to apologize because he used a word in the film that represented a city name in the past as it was called ?

So.. some touts of our famous wanna be self proclaimed Marathi Leader vandalised and stopped the screening of "Wake up Sidd" the much awaited film from KJO as Karan Johar is called....eventually while reading the online version of the news paper a collegue from my UK Team walk past and after reading the KJO incident asked on Why Bombay is named as Mumbai? I am sure he had read Shantaram .. and was aware of Bombay... and Bombay mafia...

My Answer : I dont know

Honestly I dont know why we changed Bombay to Mumbai, probably because someone decided to call India as Hindustan, or somebody thought that calling it Mumbai would bring its Marathi flavour back!!!!
But whats the logic of changing the city name?
Ask a Seth Godin and a change in name is a NO NO , specially when it is a well adapted brand...why would one want to change the name of the city? I am glad they aint asking to change the name of the country we already have a bunch of them as in "India aka Bharat aka Hindustan" ...
I dont know, Moroever whats the logic in rampaging someones office because he called Mumbai as Bombay.... wuffffff when will people really learn to talk Development and not after whom should he roads, bridges and cities be named? Well I hope the elections have the ballot that would show the prouds a mirror... Sometimes I wonder on how big people can think of themselves, inspite of looking in the mirror?????


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