May 13, 2009

Election Results more curious as Exit polls show hung parliament

The election results on 16th May have become more curious now than ever... with the last phase of elections finishing finished today the election commission allowed the news channel to now show people their own verdict... before the poll results are out almost all the news channel shows that the Indian 15 th parliament is no more going to be in a majority state... its the usual hung state..

However it seems that NDA led by BJP is going back seated inspite of having around 190 seats won based on various exit polls... it looks like UPA led by Congress is winning approximately 210 seats. This also means that the 3rd front led by communists are winning around 100 seats and are likely to be a part of the new government + support the UPA if required.

SO one option is left open to people that they can definitely see the dirty face of politics now with BJP and Congress already involved in wooing the smaller parties... I am sure the recession is not going to affect the government formation.

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