May 1, 2009

Criminals Wanted!!!

These days I have being out of sync... honestly Yes.... out of sync of all the latest and local news, all the shitty crap where people call you to news-update you the news that you are least bother about. Last 2 months I am being involved into more of political blogging... and a sort of tracking my blog visitors again... However back to the basic point I am a bit surprised that these days we dont want protectors and Saviours we demand criminals.... I read this post Hackers Wanted then I read this post talking about people with some criminal record needed to join the firm for collections and this one to be funny ... amazing, I am glad that people now want to take help of criminals to sort things for them and make biz....

Imagine the costs we will save as we dont have to put in those serious money ads for classifieds .. instead just visit the police station and choose the wanted one....Every time I pass by the famous Koregaon Park area I read a message on the house opposite to Cafe Mocha "Messiah is coming" I am sure the way things are moving one day we will put up banners saying "The Devil is back"


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