May 30, 2009

May 23, 2009

Short Story - Blind Man

"Can't you see" Man rushed into him and got him on the ground...

2 minutes silence and then heavy sounds of breaks. Crowd yells "OMG He is dead, what a bad accident
He stood up took his white cane, fumbled and started to walk without knowing if the who got him on ground is alive


May 22, 2009

55 Word Fiction - The Man of House

"Aryan runs this house, his father is just a drunkard, He is my only son and we have no life without him. I wish to see the restaurant owner to justice" Lady to a Cop

"He was just in the kitchen when the cylinder blasted"

"How old was he?" Cop to Lady

"9 yrs".............

Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts thoughts..........
Do we still think child labour is not a sin?

May 21, 2009

A House wife?

"Mom , take this" 2 yr old child to his housewife mom

"What's this son?"

"You work so hard, take this and buy something for you"

"Son, we dont give this to Mom, Mom works for the house not to be paid"

"But you always pay our maid?"

Thoughts , Thoughts , Thoughts.... Do you have an answer?

P.S. Let me tell you that I am obsessed by THIS and let me see how long I last

May 20, 2009

May 15, 2009

Congress starts off well in early trends

It seems that congress is improving as counting of election votes held in 5 phases goes on... early trend showed BJP 10 of 14 which converted to 14 of 23 for COngres... though these trends are not very complete...

I will keep this post updated

State Total Seats Trends/Win Cong + BJP+ Left Others
West Bengal
Jammu Kashmir 6 1 1
Karnataka 28 8 2 6
Maharashtra 48 1 1
Tamil Nadu 39 1 1
Madhya Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh 42 2 2
Gujarat 26 4 3 1

BJP looses war before the battle begin

The counting of election results is yet to start and it seems that BJP has lost the war even before the battle begin. Excpecting allies from aiadmk and 3rd front today bjp lost trs prp and nitish already. So election results are definitely going to cause bjp a fortune . I m still curious for punes election results

May 13, 2009

Election Results more curious as Exit polls show hung parliament

The election results on 16th May have become more curious now than ever... with the last phase of elections finishing finished today the election commission allowed the news channel to now show people their own verdict... before the poll results are out almost all the news channel shows that the Indian 15 th parliament is no more going to be in a majority state... its the usual hung state..

However it seems that NDA led by BJP is going back seated inspite of having around 190 seats won based on various exit polls... it looks like UPA led by Congress is winning approximately 210 seats. This also means that the 3rd front led by communists are winning around 100 seats and are likely to be a part of the new government + support the UPA if required.

SO one option is left open to people that they can definitely see the dirty face of politics now with BJP and Congress already involved in wooing the smaller parties... I am sure the recession is not going to affect the government formation.

May 1, 2009

Criminals Wanted!!!

These days I have being out of sync... honestly Yes.... out of sync of all the latest and local news, all the shitty crap where people call you to news-update you the news that you are least bother about. Last 2 months I am being involved into more of political blogging... and a sort of tracking my blog visitors again... However back to the basic point I am a bit surprised that these days we dont want protectors and Saviours we demand criminals.... I read this post Hackers Wanted then I read this post talking about people with some criminal record needed to join the firm for collections and this one to be funny ... amazing, I am glad that people now want to take help of criminals to sort things for them and make biz....

Imagine the costs we will save as we dont have to put in those serious money ads for classifieds .. instead just visit the police station and choose the wanted one....Every time I pass by the famous Koregaon Park area I read a message on the house opposite to Cafe Mocha "Messiah is coming" I am sure the way things are moving one day we will put up banners saying "The Devil is back"