Apr 14, 2009

Will Good Ideas generate votes for BSP Candidate DSK in Pune

Well DSK was online on a webinar today and I took the opportunity to ask him 2 questions...

1. Question 1
A. While Pune has being a battlefield for a straight out war between Congress and BJP where does he sees himself standing.
B. His vision is more related to what others have , what is the different thinking that he brings in?
C. What apart from Traffic and Water do you want to do?

2. Question 2
A. Would you continue contributing your plans and vision if you dont get elected?

DSK is a smart businessman and he definitely has good control over english. He preffered to answer the question in Hindi, I believe this is a good gesture as he wanted to address not only people watching the webinar but also people wanted the people around him to hear that....Good stuff

The answer from DSK shows that he knows what he has being doing best for the last 30 years... he mentioned what is written in his website that he is a self made man... DSK mentions that the development plan pune had needs to be upgraded and yes thats true... he also wanted to grow the city horizontal and vertical and have transport available through rails to various parts and zones. DSK visions to use the natural resources to reduce power and water problems in a well desired way...Trains, BRTS, Air Rail, Cycling paths.. Fair enough

Overall his answer and the way he wants to achieve these things is promising, howver not very much convincing.

The answer to question 2 was aggressive... he mentioned that he promised to plant as many trees as many votes he get.. and the confident BSP candidate from Maharashtra has already planted several trees... (I am glad DSK that you are helping make pune Green). He also mentioned that he has being working hard but it never worked out for him as politicians always wanted to drive things away... now that he knows nothing is working out its best to use a platform (BSP) to stand for elections and make awareness...

My Opinion

I think he is a nice guy, no matter what people talk he is a businessman and he knows how to brings organisations to profit... and this is what a developing nation needs at the moment. Now inspite of he being honest and hard working and wanting to bring a difference to politics... it doesnt look like he will make it by a margin... I bet he is going to eat up a few hundred votes in the poll.


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