Apr 9, 2009

Questions to Arun Bhatia - People Guardian Party candidate from Pune

The person who was supported by various citizen groups and who won his way back to the allegations of corruption against him... Arun Bhatia is the name that trigered the 2004 elections in Pune... Contesting the mighty Congressmen Suresh Kalmadi from the Pune seat, Arun Bhatia was being supported by a lot of student groups.. of course I was inspired but unfortunately since I dont end up in the same constituency anymore I could not vote him... however I stepped up to tell my friends that he is a honest man .. and who in htis worlds steps up against the powerful politicians... maybe he is the man that can change it... however things changed... last 5 years as Suresh Kalmadi I did not hear this name .....

So here are a few questions to Mr. Bhatia...

1. Where were you in the last 5 years? Why dont we see anything that you did in the last 5 years?
I dont believe that you need to be in power to do something... but who would remember you if they see you once every 5 years asking for votes cause you are honest? Dont you know the basics of marketing???? Hammer it again and again and everyone would know you... Why do you think people remember Colgate???

2. What authorities do you wish to bring to the committees who are going
to lead the Police, Finance and other committees you want to implant for better governance???

I hope you wont bring the social animals from the Page 3 into this...

3. You say you want to cover the traffic problems...Well isnt BRTS meant for the same? isnt the Delhi Metro proposal doing the same? what else do you think you want to do?

4. Why are you guys looking at 2014 for Pune's growth??? Why cant it bedone in phases every year?

5. Why dont you contest the state assembly and the local councils? cant you make a difference if you are not at the centre?

6. How will you tackle corruption? One man cannot make a difference dude... how will you get people like us to do so?

7. What is your opinion on

2 Wind Farms around Pune?
3. Ring Road
4. Using IT and other big sector companies to contribute to the Infrastructure development

And the last but not the least....

Do you think that if you alone go to the centre you can make a difference?

Call me or email with your responses.. Mr. Bhatia


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