Apr 7, 2009

Questions to Anil Shirole - BJP Candidate from Pune

Dear Mr. Anil Shirole,

I read your vision for Pune..and your funny statement that you dont want to make/promise to convert Pune to Paris or Barcelona... had you used more developed cities I would have been glad... but like your website and your vision speaks I have not much to say... the people would learn themselves that you dont know what to promise....

Your vision is amazing... short and sweet.. and I am sure if you get a chance a majority of this would be achievable by you...and why not? The few of the items are already been taken care by no?

So here are my few questions to you...on your vision

Following are few of the actions I assure to plan with immediate effect.

1. Improve quality of Roads and foot paths.
How would you do that? and What exactly and where would you do that? I am not saying the pune roads are the best in the country.... but they have been worked on well already... from Baner to Shivajinagar, from Dhankavadi to Deccan, From Kharadi to Yerawada ... name a place and we see expandable roads all over... I am sure you remember the Common Wealth games we had and a majority of the roads were bought in best of the shapes ever...

2. End the need for Load Shedding.
How again? Do you run a plant to generate electricity? And BTW if you have any plans why cant you share it with the PMC already? that would have made you a selfless person...

3. Arrangements of clean, safe and reliable drinking water supply.
Amazing... again your ward seems to have several issues do you know that already?

4. Remove corruption from government organizations.
Thank you... it would be so great of you.... Are you going to work with someone on it or you doing it on your own?

5. Increase number of police officers and improve law and order situation in Pune.
No terrorist attacks in Pune, Less riots since the BJP-Shiv Sena not in power.... however some of the allies that you work with seems to be causing troubles I always felt... for instance... do you promise that your allies supporters would not go on rioting the city when their leader is arrested?

6. Provide effective and realistic public transportation system.
Eg: A bus every 5 minutes on important roads during peak hours.

I am sure we wont need a BRT for this?

7. Practice and widely implement every norm of Environment protection in Pune.
What are norms can you elaborate please?

8. Rehabilitate Slums over every 7 years.
Hmmmm.... I know when Wakdewadi slums were planned to be moved there was a chaos.. so was when there were plans to move wadarwadi... how are you going to tackle your vote banks in first place? and then we can talk about rest...

9. Plan more sports centers which can be utilized by normal Puneites on everyday basis.
Ofcourse... we dont have much... Where exactly can you build these sports center? Balewadi????

10. Provide basic amenities for horizontal expansion of Pune.
Electricty? Water? roads? wot else?

11. Providing Modern facilities like Piped gas lines, Broadband connectivity.

I thought the broadbands are available almost every where execpt my area... but this is definitely good... I was also wondering if this is been a task of individual companies.. the infrastructure support is already there for them no?

12. Implement PMRDA with immediate effect.I would wait.... if you dont win can you suggest this to Suresh Kalmadi please?

13. Provide Affordable housing.
The recession has already bought the prices down.. and if you are thinking of the Kill Hill project please dont..

14. Establish Advanced Sewage water treatment plants.
Sure. Where?

15. Provide an conducive environment for rapid growth of IT, BT and other sunrise industries.
Yes at the moment Pune is dying for new setups.... but somehow I thought the traffic issues are becuase of growing industries too... anyways... Bio Tech Parks, IT Parks and what else and where?

In all I see you have vision probably drafted by someone... I would suggest that you take the vision and create a draft plan on how you would do these things... I like you in person but when it comes to city please make sure that you go prepared to the public...

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    At least Mr. Shirole has a vision for Pune. Kalmadi is the sitting MP who has only made Pune worse. Only idiots will support and vote for such a useless person.