Apr 23, 2009

Pune Elections sees fair enthusiasm

Last time Pune voted approximately 54 - 55 % .. it looks people want to come out and vote... Morning saw enough crowd and I beleive enough votes and most of the polling centres...

People now have options to check at the Election Commision web site if there is confusion... I thought I would myself put this up for those enthusiastic voters who want to see if they have their names in the voter lists or their right to vote is demolished by some documentation bug...

Please find details below:


Please check your name and polling booth in www.pune.gov.in .
1. Click on Voters List 2009
2. Click on your constituency.
3. Click on Summary
4. Identify the area you belong to and the Part no.
5. Click on ' List of ---Parts' ( on the left side of the screen ).
6. Click on your Part no.
7. Scroll down to section 2 to identify your locality no.
8. Scroll down to section 3 to identify your polling booth location.
9. Scroll down further to voters lists and check the list which is numbered with your locality no.
10. Search your name

The alternate official url http://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in where you can search by your name is non-functional currently.

You could also call helpline 2026 1003, give your name and address. Your name will searched and you will be advised whether you are a regd. voter.

You are a Regd Voter but you have changed your residence.

1. If you have moved house within the same constituency, download form 8A from www.eci.gov.in

2. If you have moved house and are now in a different Constituency, download form 7 from www.eci.gov.in, submit it to the Electoral Registration Office at the old Constituency, get the acknowledgement slip and attach it to form 6 for submission to Electoral registration Office of the new Constituency.

Correction of Details
If you only want to correct details in existing electoral roll e.g name spelling, correction in address details, download form 8 from www.eci.gov.in


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