Apr 14, 2009

Now BJP talks drift between Ambedkar and Congress

Well it was a bad timing by Advani for the nation .. when he mentioned yesterday that the "CONGRESS DID INJUSTICE TO DR. B R AMBEDKAR"... this statement is nothing but a clear part of BJP's SATTA- NITI I call it satta niti as they are doing all this just to get in power.... and believe me I wont call it Raj as somehow I am feeling that Raj has being refferred to as HATE SPEECH, PROVOCATIVE ACTIONS these days (Please remind me of Raj Thackerey)

Back to BJP... yes Advani plays dirty... i mentioned this in the last post where I said BJP is looking for a new approach to grab power... the Raam, Daam, Rang Bhed.. and this is a part of the Bhed operation where Advani thinks that saying Congress did injustice to Dr. Ambedkar will mean Dalit votes going away from congress...

I know Mr. Advani always being claimed as DOWN TO EARTH... but so down that you cannot look in the eyes of the most literate and honest and intelligent Prime Minister of India? Well this also reminds me of his age and I guess BJP needs some Energy to be injected (Of course not from people like varun Gandhi and Ashok Sahu) who knows and understand that politics should be played for development of nations and not creating drfits between religions...

So now do you think BJP will get more than 150 seats in this elections???


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