Apr 30, 2009

Mumbai @45 % , India falling?

Why is the Youth so miserably behind in India? The question is directed towards the youth of Mumbai probably for one simple reason being that they have being keeping themselves away from votes... surprisingly dont know why...

Mumbai out of 13 million population in all has around 60%+ of people between 18-35 years of age.. and considering that a major portion of people who voted are in this zone not even half of the percentage has really come out and voted this elections... so there are 2 questions really..

1. The mumbai Youth thinks that there is no point in voting as nothing is going to change

2. They are really really careless of who runs the nation...

Now the 1st case is probably not true cause I went through a blog search and there were atleast 500 blogs that mentioned problems around mumbai and wanted to change a part of their MP's to bring some difference... considering that these blog users and the several thousand tweets around mumbai elections were genuine it hurts to see soo less voter turnout...

What is a misery is that the election commission inspite of warning has chose a date of 30th April which comes with a long long weekend.. and now isnt it obvious that the population is vacationing?

God help India

I am sure this attitude of people will not change Mumbai or anything... A surprising fact that the last 7 days search trends show that there were approximately 3,00,000 searches for hotels / resorts in and around mumbai areas..


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