Apr 15, 2009

In Pune Advani will have to show courage and courtesy

Not just in his speech , Pune is not expecting courtesy and courage from Advani is his acts, gestures and speech.. why???? Pune has never had a reputation of communal riots.. and if Advani tries to drill over the popular Ram Mandir then he is not appreciated here...

Well I am expecting Advani to speak over how Suresh Kalmadi has developed (read it not) or BJP/Sena supporters may create a chaos on my blog... eventually I am also expecting Kalmadi to talk against Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi... and why not??? BJP thinks that the way India Shining took them down now personal remarks will bring htem up... but somebody forgot to tell Advani that the time is over and tomorrow's elections have already given a bigger mandate to Congress and Allies...

Also as time is passing by Advani and BJP's presence over internet and rallies is vanishing... am I correct in mentioning that the Gujarat rally collectively done by Advani and Modi earned as much crowd as Congress president's convoy???? I believe people were impressed by the Akshay Kumar starrer movie 8 * 10 Tasveer so only 8-10 people attended the rally....

Anyways the 17th April rally in Pune is going to be just a fuss or a broken arrow specially because both Anil Shirole BJP candidate from Pune and Advani Prime Minister candidate from BJP both show a looser's body language...I am not sure if I can make it to the rally.. but I have asked a friend to record it just in case the EC needs it ;) With the desperation of BJP clearly visible the way they are commenting and attacking personalities as opposed to talking about develeopments... I see Advani standing in a corner in terms of seats... bet this elections are going to bring BJP back to their 1984 count?????

Sameer Shaikh

P.S The Advani rally is scheduled on Friday the 17th in Pune, 5:30 PM.


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