Apr 13, 2009

If I was contesting the Pune Elections!!!!

Well This is my reply to the nasty email that I received today from a very strong supporter of the communal party... believe me I now have a very strong opinion that its all about communal politics by this party.... be it Pilibhit or Kandhamal be it Modi,Priyanka war or Advani and Manmohan war be it Varun Gandhi or Ashok Sahu or Jawant Singh or SIddhu or SInha ... or be it Uddhav Thackerey or Murli Manohar Joshi... I am damm sure about it...

Here is the comment and a Question that i received in an email from my anonymous friend who promised to keep writing to me till I stop talking about BJP , Shiv Sena or their demise in these elections...

"BJP had being supporting all castes.. people like you have corrupted India. If I had power I am sure i would have driven you all out of country" I am not really offended by this because I know I have 100 million people to stand beside me to get out of the country where such dogs stay... and I would really be re-habitating a better world outside instead of dying for no reason.

Here is the question that was posted along with "Why you talk so much, tell us what you have done and will do?"

Well I am not sure if I am contesting any elections at this level in atleast next 10 years... But if I have to here is what my manifesto would have being and unlike other standing politicians I am going to clearly state how I would do it:

1. Reduce Power cuts in Pune
Considering Pune's geaography and the strong support it gets from the surroundings , Sahyadri's and the zonal equitibility... I would like to generate the idea of building wind farms around the belt.. The Pune University professors and masters have great ideas around this and I would form a committee to do this analysis and a deadline for this would be around 2 yrs...
I would also add this research as a part of University curriculum so that the students can get some practical exposure and we get an additional man power.

Alternatively the thought of generating wind farms would also help to generate the required energy for the agricultural usage.

Second option is to prote use of Gobar gas around. The commitee formed would help do this. There will be a part of this committee who would work on with the MSEB fractions to stop theft of electricity by various set of categories.

2. Traffic problems to be tackled

A. 2 Ring roads around the cities . 1 for outer belt to let the vehicles pasing over transit without having to enter the city. Inner ring road to help outskirt traffic move from outside without having to block the major inner city traffic.
This is possible between 1-3 years .. the funds can come from what is mentioned below

B. Pune's rich river belt can be used to drive more metro traffic and the Metro project can be kicked off... 2014 being a timeline given by Delhi and Bangalore metro the Pune metro project can actually kick start

C. Partially privatise local commute through tender process... involve provate transporters to run city buses more frequently and in more zones. PMPL to provide a roadmap and guides for timings and routes of various buses... this is possible to be done withing first 2-3 years...privatisation would also mean more employement options to local people.

D. Conjestion charges for brining cars and other bigger vehicles to he cities. Would help fund the implementations for the above projects.

E. Flyover are helpful but time consuming costly and less effective in long runs... instead roads to be widened in areas possible with rehab for the businesses in the local transport hubs

F. Initially brining one way for all the city roads enabling smooth flow of traffic and building flyovers on high confluence points. this would be cost effective

G. Vehicle free days in the city for atleast 1 day... helping green peace world

3. Infrastructure
Pune is rich now in terms of the industries these industries can contribute to the development of the city roads.. imagine 500 companies located in 3-4 IT parks can help the city roads and fund them to brand the roads and locations which would be beneficial to all.

B. More FSI grants for outside city developments.

C. Every construction has to ensure that they acquire a certificate of planting atleast 5-100 trees , this will be monitored and certified by a committe. PMC, Eco committes and varius other committees to co-ordinate on this.

D. Added benefits to private sector companies providing Internet facilities in and around the city. This can be done through leting them brand themselves... like M.G. Road wifi enabled by Reliance... and they can use these branding options through various means.

E. Waterboards to be set up for each of the wards.. these boards are headed by citizens on a 2 yrs rotation. Citizens by choice and by law are to participate in this. This would help us generate more leaders who can participate more actively... vigilantly only people between 25 - 45 t be allowed to do such activities.

F. Social service a part of council tax. Every citizen to participate in one of each such committe. The appointments can be done by individual units so that no politicizing possible...

Well since the post is bigger, The second part f my manifesto would come very soon. maybe tomorrow....


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