Apr 26, 2009

How Many Indians?

Well the question is open, but the one that probably needs to be anwered by all of us... all of us Indians.. Inspite of so much of crowding @ the Election booths pune only saw 40 % electorates turning down for voting.. a major part covered during the morning and late afternoons.. Everytime I travel a train or bus there is a general cribbing session going on almost every corner of the train or bus... all claiming that how prices have gone high and how the government is not doing anything... but considering the voters turnout I believe we deserve it...

How many of us(Indians) come out and vote? or make people vote? or join to change the system? or really contribute in changing the system? 40% by and large? of almost a million people we have in Pune only 700 thousand this that they should vote? Pune this year saw more than 2 hundred thousand voters newly registered... that means that we have almost 200 thousand people more or less all less than 20 yrs of age.. Pune already sees 40% of its population less than 30 yrs of age... what the heck are we doing? this is not just about pune this is about the entire nation... If we crib about people we are also expected to do something about it..

I hope that the remaining phases see better voting thus so that we can at the least avoid a hung parliament where money will play its role over the people actual votes...

In anways we have a question to answer... Can we not simply step up and do something about it? Can we not push our friends, relatives, neighbours, acquintances etc to go vote? Can we not try and volunteer in helping the nation?

I want to stand up and do this... do you? If yes come join hands..


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