Apr 16, 2009

The Election with no National issue!!! What a shame!!!

Well as the polling for the first phase of election is over today with a reasonably satisfying voter turn out (I dont believe that 40 % voters are still keeping away from elections) there doesnt seem to be any national issue out here... atleast the opposition doesnt have any to fight for..In anycase BJP and opposition parties have chosent to take personal wars... of course I would limit it with BJP for the moment though...

Advani's luck is not favouring him.. I am somehow feeling that like Atal Bihari Vajpayee Advani is also very very desperate to become the Prime Minister... dont know what difference he would make specially because he could have projected his party better than projectig himself better... after all the entire nation knows that the most eligible person is sitting in the Prime Ministers chair...

While the nation still has issues like :

1. Terrorism
2. Recession
3. Infrastructure
4. Global Presence
5. Poverty and Corruption

I am surprised that BJP and parties are trying to talk about weaker and stronger parties... while COngress is not too far behind and they have also now stepped into the tug of war with Advani .. but they still have people who are talking about development...

Anyways... BJP's language both body and vocal shows that they are off in this elections and maybe the nation is going to bring them in 2 figures or even less... I am however surprised that the third world front (oooops did I mean 3rd front?) and BJP dont want to talk about development projects and work...

God Save India, Atleast I have a better manifesto than that of BJP or other major parties to start with...


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  2. i can understand your desperation and frustration ! any case you have some wonderful thoughts to share ! but , i would assume that, your talk is more of a anti BJP rhetoric and I completely share with you that, real issues of election have been completely sidelined in this hate murky politics ...good job !

  3. Yes Vinay... I know it feels like I am anti BJP but believe me I am not only Anti BJP but also anti Congress at points... given a choice between 2 I think Congress brings some safety in within our country...

    But Yeah... having several issues in the country I am surprised that our few left intelligent politicians are discussing personal wars...