Apr 12, 2009

The DSK / BSP Bubble, He cant win but he can defeat

DSK is fighting this election for the reason I dont understand... I read a comment today in Pune's leading news paper that talks about a comment made by Raj Thackerey in his Pune rally from Ranjit SHirole... he says that maybe he got some projects in Uttar Pradesh (BSP party's home ground where they are in the ruling in the assembly) or maybe he has realised that its time to really do some good work... anyways ... I went to 5 places today... not to election campaign but just to take stock of voting awareness and tried to find out whats with this BSP???? and how much power or momentum has BSP candidate DSK gained... eventually it loooks like he is getting enough crowd.... but none of them really going to convert it into the ballot? Yeah atleast it looks like...

A simple thing that I knew from my past experience... is once you do a walking marathon in various areas around and address rallies.... you need to have a team that notes the reactions... like for example... you would find thousands of people in bigger rallies from Bal Thackerey, Advani and Modi... reason being simple.... they are not the necessarily the voters.... many of them are their to just find how the **kers entertain them....

DSK is being hitting around most of the slums... ofcourse many of the Dalit votes come from these areas and it has happened in the past that these votes make a tremendous difference.... I am not sure if the EC has released any figures but it appears that a majority of voting in pune really and really comes from slums...eventually it is a right move by DSK to go to these areas specially cause many of the slum dwellers dont know him and using the BSP flag of they can literally step high... on the other hand it looks to me like DSK is not taking the right path... he is not on social media as opposed to his contenders and is also very much invisible on the parallel circuits to wooo the voters by aggressive plans... a simple thing is the vision is very much affected by a grand BSP manifesto than going literal local agenda...

Long back I read Johanna Rothman saying "Think Global , Act local" I also wrote a perpendicular post on it .... It would have been wonderful if DSK had tried that... with the amount of global experience he has it would have definitely bought a new perspective had he thought of it that way....

Any ways a few reasons why I see DSK campaign not hitting the brains of the pune voters :

1. Very limited campaigning, Mostly road shows and rallies in slums (60 % of slum dwellers work all day).. time to hit them is important...

2. He is not on the social circuit (Though Mayawati has being expressing that her idea is bringing the socials together through a grand network)

3. He is not agressive enough to show what he can do. He too is talking Modi and Advani way of telling people what Congress is not doing.

4. Where is the youth in his campaign?

5. People know about DSK builders and developers... where is DSK as a politician?

6. I dont find him questioning the other candidates and the media coverage is too less for him.

Overall considering that a faction of Dalit and muslim votes would be stolen from the Congress it looks like BSP candidate is not running for winning this elections... its probably an attempt to eat as many votes as he can so that Mayawati can decide if Pune / Maharashtra can be her destination any time in future....

My recommendation to Pune voters... he doesnt seem to be fighting for us as yet... he seems to be fighting to get the votes and may really defeat a better contestants hopes in this election...


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