Apr 12, 2009

BJP's new Niti Raam, Daam , Rang and Bhed

Last few days I have being watching almost all the rallies done by LK Advani and Narendra Modi... wow its a riot, riot of allegations.. honestly in the last few days.. it looks like BJP has literally collectively thought of their best approach... it all started with some events which took over and built this strong approach... In the last few weeks BJP is literally trying to tell what Congress and UPA is not doing than what BJP will do for the nation if bought to centre..

Anyways... I link this approach to the famous pholosopher of Indian politics... Chanakya... the Philosopher, Guide and mentor of Emperor CHandra Gupta maurya... who introduced the "Chanakya Niti" to the nation and it has over a period become a bible for politicians.. many of them learnt it well and implied it well enough to be in power... the Niti as it is called was simple..

Saam, Daam , Dand and Bhed...

Saam = Explain them and bring them together so you can rule peacefully
Daam = Buy them with money and keep them with you to be in power
Dand = Use force on them and be in power
Bhed = Create difference amongst people so you can rule easily..

Now BJP has bought its own Niti it seems to be in power...

Raam, Daam , Rang and Bhed... Yes...

Raam = When elections come they talk about Raam, the God who spread love. And Here under the name of the GOD several politicians are using it to get in power.... this has being BJP's truimph card to gain votes.... Be it LK Advani saying that Ram mandir is what they wanted to always do or be it Varun Gandhi whos controversial speech has bought him in the jail and he now holds the NSA (Threat to nation act).

Daam = We saw how Jaswant singh has being distributing money in the video published for which he has being rewarded a EC notice too... in the past the famous Lalji Tandon did the same through an event by distributing Sarees and other things to the voters to woo them... As if it is not enough there is a whole bunch of similar allegations across...

Rang = I dont believe that Narendra Modi has also being so rude to bring color for votes... In his speech today when he said that the White skinned people in Delhi buy wheat@1800 Rs... dammit... The last thing we want in India is racism.. and here you go... the guy who was declined Visa in USA for his role (now specially when his minister in his cabinet is arrested for the same) is back to get votes byt dancing dirty....

Bhed = This has being BJP's truimph card... They split religions(Created the Babri Masjid issue) and religions and parties.. atleast they try to make alll those attempts.. no wonder this party is always called communal by every single party... include those who were with them and now apart...

Overall this elections literally has shown the real face of BJP... I am not sure if sleeping on for votes is going to help but I hope that the leaders dont do things that would hurt our emotions enough that we start hating them (I have always liked Advani , specially the way the rath yatra and the famous Jinnah quote).. I admired his politics and how he came up the ladder... I always admired Modi for brining Gujarat to become so self dependant.. little did I know that the last RTI used on the state for checking the suport it got from the centre shows that Gujarat has got more than enough always from centre.. and guess what the BJP lied on this fact.

So now going this new Mantra... BJP atleast seems to have lost my VOTE....


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  2. ohk Mr.

    That was your perception of BJP now tell me why shpuld one vote for Congress. Same COngress who kicks Left out and now when they are dooming they are again begging left. Same congress who stayed with laloo knowing the fact that he is the worst neta seen in politics ( u can compare his daam tactics with that of BJP ).

    Same congress who kills the hope of crores of young people to grab vote bank through Reservation and to head on it increases creamy layer to 4.5 lakh !!

    If you still believe congies are alternative then God save you n you country