Apr 20, 2009

Bhatia Allegations against Kalmadi - Late and Stuntious?

is it a sheer election stunt or it is a real truth... technically it may be an issue for Kalmadi who seems to be winning the elections even when the polls are not done... Yes the elections that are going to be held on 23rd April sees Pune having Suresh Kalmadi lead the campaign and of course the support... however as usual Arun Bhati has dropped the bomb by saying that Suresh Kalmadi has not declared his assets correctly. He mentioned in his allegations that the property in Mundhwa named under her wife Mira Suresh Kalmadi and some other partners was not disclosed...

This way ususally candidates try to create a fuss around pointing that other candidates are corrupt and so on... however sources reveal that the property mentioned by Bhatia was actually gifted by Mira Kalmadi to her daughter way back and they have supporting documents for the same. Thus since the property no more belongs to Suresh Kalmadi or his dependants at the moment it is a not so worth allegation...

Now the question arises that why was Bhatia quiet until now with this? Is this a stunt to just try and mal-align the canddiate? in any case we will leave this to the people of Pune.. but while the election campaign for the second phase of Poll ends today I see Anil Shirole, Arun Bhatia, DSK and Ranjit Shirole deep in their barricaded... with a hope that they dont have to loose their deposits...

Will Pune still support Kalmadi? The answer is yes.. it looks like. He has bought some real good funds to the city and I am sure Kalmadi can bring in some good fate to Pune... an Asian Game at the least very soon.


  1. Boney7:35 PM

    I guess Bhatia was quiet until now becuase he wouldnt be able to bring those allegations until the assets were declared right?

  2. I agree.. the assets were declared 4 weeks ago.. they in fcat were published on the mynetainfo web site too... I believe Bhatia is a good person and of course has a passion to bring change... unfortunately ground reality of Pune Politics is that it needs influencial person than aggressive person....Pune has got a budget approved for 3,500 crores for the infrastructure development... half of it is utilised half pending becuase of conflicting ruling parties in PMC... but I hope this will be sorted soon.

  3. Good to know that you follow pune's politics closely.

    Any idea, how much property Sharad Pawar and Kalmadi (individually) owns in Pune?