Apr 8, 2009

Arun Bhatia - Honest but invisible?

Yes... I am talking about Arun Bhatia one of the contestants for the Pune Constituency in Maharashtra... competing against the likes of Suresh Kalmadi of Congress and Anil Shirole of BJP. I went through Arun Bhatia's website in the last elections as he was one who would have caused major troubles to Suresh kalmadi who is trying his luck from Pune for the 4th consecutive time.

As I remember last elections Arun Bhatia failed miserably to convince the youth of Pune that he can make a difference... I now go to his web site and it asks for volunteers and youth to join his campaign.. I think he is a nice , honest person ... but maybe not fit for politics.. you may argue on this that people should elect the character and not the party... but is it really possible?

Arun Bhati had a terrific career as a IAS officer.. 26 transfers in 26 years, denial of promotions, I remember seeing him when he was placed in Pune as a Commisioner of the PMC... wonderful time.. demolishing illegal constructions, bringing the illelegal towers and hotels down, digging out tax evaders, giving the local corporaters a run for their money.. and several more things.

Eventually what his Manifesto says needs tremendous amount of support not from people but also from people who sit around the Parliament and unless Arun Bhati join hands with one of the big parties his win would not have any importance... specialy cause sometimes the voice doesnt get shut it cannot be raised at all...

I read through a decent but complicated looking web site of Arun Bhatia.. which only talks about his work of course meaning his IAS career path... eventually Bhatia focusses more on corruption and Rapid Transport 2 of them being the prime issues... while I read through his web site no where I find him writing what he would be doing at a higher level... for instance Pune has some bitter issues that so far no has addressed in their manifesto's...

1. River belts that get flooded.
2. Water break downs in the city during summer
3. Riverside roads to reduce traffic problems
4. Pune Ring Road to avoid heavy transits out of the city

Anyways... while some of the issues are tried to be covered.. Bhatia clearly misses the visibility... be it due to the public that really wants to go with the National Parties or be it that Bhatia is more or less once a 5 year kind of person... Atleast he awakens only in elections it seems...

So my conclusion to Arun Bhatia is that he is gonna run behind DSK and Anil Shirole in the race...


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