Apr 13, 2009

Anil Shirole way behind Suresh Kalmadi

The election campaign atleast has shown the trend of future... Kalmadi has taken a big lead in the election campaign.. The first phase planned by Suresh Kalmadi has being over last week and he has already initiated the second phase where major leaders of Congress and NCP are already taking rallies for him it looks like this first phase competition has ended in a miserable way for Anil shirole who is still trying to catch up the pace of elections and just one major rally of Narendra behind him which also could not bring a majority crowd...

While I see Suresh Kalmadi's second phase very aggressive I think the tech savy MP of Pune has already won a part of the elections... I went though his facebook page today and amazing support on facebook , orkut for him...

Also while Anil Shirole is still going traditional with door to door visits Suresh Kalmadi seems to defeat Anil Shirole in the campaign war by a major margin. And I am also sure that the election results wont be too different...Why is Anil shirole so dull on election campaigns???? My answer is his body language shows that... Shiv Sena doesnt seem to be very active in the campaigns, The BJP unit in Pune itself doesnt seem to be collectively fghting the war... and majorly the focus of Anil Shirole has being on the western part of pune which has ditched the BJP always so over and over it looks like Anil shirole is still trying to wait till the rythm and momentum works while in full swing Suresh kalmadi is bound to hit him right in the bulls eye.

Well Done Suresh Kalmadi... you literally make BJP look invisible in Pune... So while the election results of pune loksabha seat are due only in May... my conclusion is that you are already winning by at least 100 thousand votes as of today... are you looking for more?


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