Apr 23, 2009

Anil SHirole Missing

Its not even end of the election day and it looks like the politicians true face is out...

I see 2 candidates running out from the internet world to start with. I dont understant why Anil Shirole from BJP choose to shut off his web site on the election day when my blog itself sees several search queries for Pune candidate details... Have they already lost the war?

The other candidate who left the internet war is Ranjit Shirole of MNS... his web site too is down and I am sure he was the one lot of internet kids were looking at.. surprisingly I dont understand if they are dumb enough to move themselves out or is it again going to be blamed on Suresh Kalmadi for getting there web sites down?

The Raj Thackerey effect though is still present in Pune amongst locals... Ranjit shutting his website is a setback.

Here is Anil SHiroles web site that is down : www.anilshirole.com

Here is Ranjit Shirole's web sie that is off the grounds : www.ranjitshirole.com

Surprisingly DSK, Suresh Kalmadi and Arun Bhatia still have their web sites running...

God Bless Ranjit Shirole and Anil Shirole today


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