Apr 16, 2009

Anil Shirole lacks passion, DSK support and Bhatia visibility in Pune Elections

The Maharashtra state is moving towards Congress... as it looked a couple of weeks back there is no more a pendulum... its now a either or state... For the 13 seats that went in poll for Maharashtra today saw 54 % voter turnout... this is slightly higher in terms of last elections in the same constituencies and higher voter turnout always go in favour of the ruling party...

While I forsee 6 seats of 13 going in favour of NCP - Congress alliance based on the candidates like Praful Patel, Mukul Vasnik and a few other big shots... it clearly looks like BJP-SHiv Sena alliance is not far behind with 4 seats...3 are going to see a tuff fight as per me.. this is based on the campaigns

On the other hand Pune that is going for elections on 23rd is clearly seeing a winner... Yes Kalmadi is appearing as a strong winner in Pune... atleast expecting a margin of 90,000 to 1,25,000 votes at the moment.... while DSK and Ranjit Shirole are no more closer to get any more than 25,000 votes together Anil shirole's fear and body language seems to be showing up in his campaign....

The BJP workers are waiting for the rally from Advani in Pune and hope that the rally will make some miracle... but it looks like luck is not on Anil Shirole's side.... he has lost it already ... not enough focus on ground campaigns.. and no visibility on internet is making me feel that Anil shirole is going to be hit badly..


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