Apr 19, 2009

Advani's Rally in Pune was a waste

It started 1 hour late, The time chosen was not appropriate, specially considering the fact that 7:00 PM in the highly traffic-sucking area this rally of Advani was a full waste not only for the Party supporters of BJP in Pune but also for Anil shirole the BJP candidate from Pune...

He thought that Gopinath Munde, Advani and Modi can bring life to his dead campaign but it seems that they have added to his problems... Advani yesterday burried the dead Anil shirole campaign and now today it looks like Gopinath Munde would put garlands on it.

Advani started the sppech by promising the people that in 100 days after the gvernment is formed he will bring all the Money from India that is being stored in the Swiss bank accounts... surprisingly Advani who was the Home Minister / Deputy PM earlier never spoke about such money when he was in Power...

Also one more thing that amazes me is that Advani who is so claimed to be a Strong PM candidate also in an interview mentioned that he was not awae of the Kandahar Air Hijack release of terrorists... Amazing no? The so called Strong candidate doesnt know a lot of thing or doesnt do a lot of things...

Advani in his speech also proclaimed that the Congress has screwed the nation by its own policies ... but forgot to mentione any such policy, he claimed that people in the nation are scared to come out of the houses surprisingly his party never forgets to claim that his rallies get support in thousannds...

Anyways... Advani did not talk relevant, he had like Modi no clue ofPune politics and I am not sure if he is aware that the closest ally of BJP in Maharashtra is in power in pune city with NCP...

What Anil shirole should do now is to probably depend more on himself than these leaders whose body language says that they have lost the lections even before it started...

L K Advani overall failed to add to Anil Shirole's gains in Pune and now I am somehow feeling that Anil SHirole may have to tie up with BSP candidate DSK and MNS candidate Ranjit SHirole to see if they can help defeating Suresh Kalmadi ... or the future of Pune is bright.. ;)


  1. Guess you have to check the facts before posting it in your "blog"

    1) Advani ji never said he never knew "terrorist" release .. he said he didn't knew "Jaswant Singh accompanying them"

    2)Laws has been changed by UBS .. and they are ready to reveal the names !! ...

    3) Advani ji wrote a letter year back to our esteemed Manmohan Singh ji .. but reply was not satisfactory

    4) recently at the G20 Summit press meet when asked to our PM .. he openly denied "Tax havens" are not to be discussed in G20 Summit
    but he forgot that .. main agenda of G20 Summit was on how to control Tax Havensand

    5) on Advani to mention Congress screwing up this nation .. they are ample like one Giving pensions to Terrorist Familiesits an open invitation to all .. become GET PAID to become a Terrorist .. LEGALLY !!

    Thank you!

  2. Advani ji wrote a letter year back to our esteemed Manmohan Singh ji .. but reply was not satisfactory

    ^^ On this point sorry forgot to add ... He wrote a letter on this very same issue of TAX HAVENS !! .. there was NO ELECTION a year back ?
    + letter was on to get the names from GERMANY ..as they had the list of SWISS a/c holders in INDIA ! .. but there was no STEP taken from UPA Govt.!

  3. Kumar

    What steps were taken in when they were in power?

    And about Kandahar... I clearly mentioned what his interview said... he didnt know when being a home minister cant be bigger shame than that...

  4. Sameer ji .. I guess you never "read" what I posted .. you should read it again ... what your "Blog" is saying I have replied to that !

    Steps !! UBS has changed the LAWS .. and they can reveal the NAMES ! can't you get a Simple line ??
    at first it was NOT POSSIBLE !!

    forget that .. Advani gave UPA govt. a chance to become a HERO in front of India .. to bring the money .. but they never took a step to check the names from GERMANY !! ..
    what about that ?
    it was not a Political gimmick!!

    what about kandhar ? plz elaborate ?
    being a PM going to G-20 Summit you don't know what the MAIN AGENDA is ? what a SHAME and he calls himself good economist !!

  5. Isnt it surprising that you have your facts wrong about UBS? If US cannot get it how can India??/

    Kandahar... On a national television if you say that you were not aware of the facts about Kandahar hijack then what r u?

    Not knowing Agenda of a G20 summit is still not that humiliating than the fact of not knowing a terrorists activity where the whole nations soverneighty was put up on hold...

  6. hehe .. guess you forgot to read the 2nd page

    Last month. UBS agreed to pay $780 million in fines to the United States for tax evasion and entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Justice Department. Under that agreement, UBS agreed to identify about 300 U.S. clients, including those who were believed to have engaged in tax fraud.
    More pressure will make them reveal all the names !! .. BJP has made a 4 men Task Force wch includes Great Economist and Lawyers in it ! ..

    and on Kandhaar .. Even MMS denied that he was not involved in "All party meet" when this decision was taken .. you can check it on RajyaSabha website ... MMS was the HEAD of Opposition .. BIG lie on National Television ! ... any Anws ?

    for the umpteenth time ... Advani said .. "He was unaware of Jaswant singh accompanying them ... not of "releasing of terrorist" ..

  7. and why are you not replying ?

    of Advani ji's letter to MMS ?
    why didn't UPA took a step to get the names from Germany Govt. they didn't had to any thing just have to ask through good diplomatic measures .. but Voila .. no step .. all bofors scam money is hiding there !! ..

    excuse me ... he very well knew the agenda but was avoiding the questions on it ! ...

    can shows how "WEAK" PM we have !!

  8. Kumar.. you may have to watch the telecast of the interview again... maybe you will start liking him from ground again then ;)

    Anyways when Advani says that MMS is weak he means that he is not taking his own decissions??? why dod you think Advani was weeping in the corner?

    When he praised Jinnah he was sacked... so isnt RSS defining what he should do and dont? whos weak?

    Anyways.. the point is not here that if he is Strong or weak... In Pune he could not talk sense...

  9. I can understand your half-baked knowledge .. that's why you can't answer on my previous Q's and came up with new one's :D ..

    well its all upto you .. its my last comment the PM who says .. Muslims have first Right on Indian Resources you call them "Secularism" so its your Mindset I can't help it !!

    and here I have something for you


    even after watching this .. if you vote for Congress... then
    God Bless India

    Thank you!

  10. >and on Kandhaar .. Even MMS >denied that he was not involved >in "All party meet" when this >decision was taken .. you can >check it on RajyaSabha >website ... MMS was the HEAD of >Opposition .. BIG lie on National >Television ! ... any Anws ?
    Who runs the show? The opposition or the Ruling party? if MMS was not aware it still sounds OK.. if Advani was not aware that Jaswant Singh was going there for negotiations.. its a shame... anyways gone is gone.. and the person who was released in this planted the Parliament attack... and did someone mention to you that BJP was also in power then? And what did the self claimed Strong leadership do then?

    About your unanswered questions :

    1. About Advani's letter to MMS... why do you think he kept quite for the whole year? isnt that just politics? Anyways UBS has payed fine where the US government provided proofs of people having tax evasion records .. just giving names is not enough my friend.. if that was the case the famous Tehelka case would be letting some slaps to the BJP government mo????

    5. Pensions to Terrorists families..

    I am with you on that... I beleieve every single person should be on that with you... Our hard earned money should not go to people's families who are killing us
    And if you read the second page of UBS here it for you again
    Swiss bankers aided and abetted violations of U.S. tax law," Levin said, "by traveling to this country with client code names, encrypted computers, counter surveillance training and all the rest of it to enable U.S. residents to hide assets and money in Swiss accounts.So the penalties were paid by UBS to US not the account holders to UBS... so maybe Advani tried to fool the people by saying that he has the information???? and this also means that they are misleading people by saying the fact that they are brining those people to justice in 100 days? same wasy as they misguided us to get votes when they said they will bring Dawood in India in hundred days? atleast Abu Salem was bought here under UPA rule..