Mar 30, 2009

Varun : The Violent Gandhi??

The moment the name is uttered it is directly linked with respect, non Violence, Sacrifice and patriotism.... Be it Mahatma Gandhi - No one need to tell what he is for India or Indira Gandhi who gave her life for the nation or Rajiv Gandhi who was a prey to terrorism and smiling sacrificed his life for the well being of the countrymen... or very recently Sonia Gandhi..... while several people talk about her being from Italy and a foreigner she could have easily gone out with his kids and settled down as an Italian.... but hasnt she shown enough? She has lost her husband, Mother in Law and I am sure the fear always will be that there maybe still more sacrifices from the Gandhi family in coming future....

However if you read the news papers in the last few days you find it difficult...Varun Gandhi Son of Menaka Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi is no more sticking to the tradition... Guess he was looking out for a change....a Change that is not appreciated by the educated class ... I am not sure why varun chose to go with such a hate feeling.... A well educated young lad I believe chose the wrong company and when this happens the reputations of families are definitely at stake.

Yesterday I happened to view the so called hate speech of varun over You Tube... believe me it is disappointing to see that he has so much hatred for his own countrymen? well forget about anything else... why to cut hands of people now? Things are running in peace.. there are no more Gujrat's happening, people are living in peace but yes Varun chose the easy way to get importance in politics... as others....

I am not sure if National Security Act is going to be of any help... but I defintely feel that Varun needs some lessons on peace. Surprisingly BJP that was so far claiming that the dynasty rule in India should be killed thoroughly is now cashing on the Varun arrest drama and the name Gandhi.... I bet they are on all 4 trying to gain as much of votes as possible from this episode... forgot to mention that with BJP the experience has been this... when they cant seek vote based on the work they do.... they turn towards religionism...

All the best Varun and BJP ... but we pray god that you and your party never gets a chance to lead India ... just so that we Indians can stay in Peace

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