Mar 19, 2009

Sharad Pawar not in PM Race - Says I understand ground reality

Well So we are 19 left in the PM race, ofcourse Sameer Shaikh and 18 others ;)... with Mr. Sharad Pawar stating to a news channel yesterday that he clearly knows that since Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) is not contesting on a bigger number of seats its likely that they are not going to have a huge number of seats enough to show the strength in the Parliament to claim on the Prime Minister's posts. With this statement Mr. Sharad Pawar wins the heart as he claims that he is not the one who is begging and running after the PM post... while at the same time we have the likes of Mr Ramvilas Paswan, Laluji Yadav and dont know how many more still willing in the UPA side to be the PM one day or the other in the coming Parliament... I am pleased that Mr. Sharad Pawar took a intelligent stand.

Now left to the other run-behinds it seems that the reality shuld strike them soon to as either Congress or BJP would have enought strength to really bid for the Prime Minister and that if anyone else from any party makes it it would only end up into a short term period.

Mr. Pawar... Jai ho


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