Mar 17, 2009

Sameer for PM... why not?

Well I decided that using my little bit of SEO brains I am going to promote myself for the post of Prime Minister of India... am I joking? No I am not... completely no joke... if every Tom Dick and Harry can stand for PM of the biggest democracy in the world what stops me from doing it? and I would ask you guys to do it as well... here are few of the tips for you if you are looking for yourself to be the next PM of India....

1. All you need is support of 10 MP's who in a hung parliament can say we withdraw our support if you are not the PM.
2. You need to be REGIONAL strictly... if you aint you stand no chance.
3. You need nothing but a strong will to be a Prime Minister.
4. You should be the one ready to be driven by your allies, your controlling parties, and some religous organisation.
5. You should be able to talk rubbish.
6. You should have read Obama's Campaign tricks.

Now evaluate yourself and start promoting yourself to the internet and promote yourself for PM. In any case we dont have one leadership that can satisfy the PM post and you definitely have a chance cause considering all the regional dominance this Parliament is definitely driving towards a hung state and we have several parties here who would withdraw support if they dont get a candy at any given point.... So dont forget to Dance on this chance... ;)

Jai Hind


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