Mar 27, 2009

Pune City Loksabha - Anil Shirole gets BJP Ticket

The guy who was known for his aggressive nature in the Pune Municipal corporation is the candidate for BJP from the Pune Loksabha seat.... wow interesting... The RSS believer who has himself being a swayamsevak is going to be in the fray for the pune loksabha seat....

Three considerable notes around Anil Shirole's candidature from Pune loksabha seat ...

1. He has been good for the work he has done in his ward where he was a corporator earlier.

2. He has being clear... I never heard of criminal cases against him

3. He has taken a step of not attacking the opposition candidates until now...

I had met him once in the BJP Yuva morcha campaign and have found him not very charismatic but someone genuine... atleast his stance on the PMC has always been considerable...
The elections 2009 would defintaely see this guy from BJP fight with the very very Strong Suresh Kalmadi who has been very agressive on his campaign inspite of strong opposition from own party workers...

3 things that make me feel Anil Shirole has made path easy for Suresh Kalmadi:

1. No presence beyond party... I havent seen him much in the city politics as Girish Bapat or Anna Joshi or Pradeep Ravat

2. He has to first fight own allies... Sunil Shirole from MNS (Young guy with some confidence), Opposition from the faction of Vinod Tavade group and of course some intelligently placed Arun Bhatia and BSP candidates

3. Just getting Narendra Modi , LK Advani wont get him votes .. and I am not sure if he is opting for it...Anyways whatever happens it seems that Pune has got a weak candidate from BJP...


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Interesting comments. What has Kalmadi done for Pune in the last 20 years? Kalmadi only flexes his muscles during elections. After that, he is completely missing from the Pune scene. Pune has gobe from bad to worse over the last 20 years. Overpopulated, overcrowded roads, electricity and water problems, increasing law and order situation and goondagiri from Congress and NCP. Pune folks are tired of this nonsense and deserve a new candidate. At least we will not have anything to lose with Shirole. I urge all Punekars to vote for Shirole.

  2. @ANonymous

    Kalmadi may have not done anything.. but has bought Pune on the Map... Common Waelth Games, Sports Scholarships, Have you seen the roads now?

    Over crowded, Over populated???? well thats India too no? who do you blame it for?

    Pune never had any riots... except when the Shiv Sainiks and MNS guys went on rampage.. what Goondagiri are you talking about?

  3. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Kalmadi has shot down plans to build flyovers in Pune. There was a proposal to build 30 of them. This would have helped Pune traffic tremendously. Pune is a mess now. Look that the immature and stupid BRT system. Has it helped anyone?

    Other than the games and a few sports scholarships, looks like there is not much to tout about. Once you are at the receiving end of the goondagiri of NCP and Congress people, you will know. Ask any businessman. They are in the business of looting people in the daylight by invoking name of Sharad Pawar, Narayan Rane and the likes.