Mar 19, 2009

Parliamentary Constituency Review

As a Maharashtrian (Since I am born , bought and want to die here) I thought it would make sense if I put some reviews for various high profile constituensies and candidates ... hopefully one each a day from Maharashtra covering the 48 seats and 48 days if time permits me and travels of course.

As soon as the announcements are in I would put my list of candidates and predictions... but so far my best prediction for Maharashtra is :

Congress + NCP - 23
BJP + Shiv Sena - 17
Others - 5
Independant - 3 (I see one each as a rebel)

Now it looks like the others are more or less running into the Congress + NCP allies...

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  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Pawar is out of the race, but not by choice. He is at least wise enough to understand he does not have a chance in hell to be PM of India EVER. Good for him.