Mar 24, 2009

Indian Premier League in UK , South Africa but not India

Well its like selling the Indian Curry in the non Indian markets... anyways I read Sachin Tendulkars response around how unfortunate it is for the crowd... I dont worry much about the money the critical part is the experience that the youngsters would loose if IPL starts getting hosted in other countries.... Getting IPL out of the nation is also like stripping the clothes of a shy person on a stage full with audiences... OMG Did I forget to remind you that Cricket is a religion here? or that there are people who are ready to die for cricket here?

What we loose with IPL not being in India is not the Money... :

We Loose experience that our guys from various cricketing academies were getting interacting with the International stars who are cricketing gods.

We Loose watching local talent getting brilliant exposure... Do you remember the guy who was a local club player and was asked to field as a substitute for the Mumbai Indians ?

We Loose the waves of unity... Isnt it fun to see Indians cheering Everyone on their home grounds? And Pontings and Symonds and Smiths and Morkels and Gibbs and Murli's contesting together?

Its not that if its not in India many of these things will not happen... but If it is not in India are we saying that the Terrorists who wanted to kill cricket in Pakistan virtually killed cricket in India or rather Asia too? Are we giving our cricket up for those who are against humanity?

Anyways... let Lalit Modi decide the fate today if it is UK or South Africa... my heart stays in India... let Sony Max bring the matches to us live anyways how many of us were actually hitting the grounds to watch the IPL no?

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  1. Vijay Nikam11:56 PM

    Yes ,i do agree with you on this.
    But most important point about loosing is faith. I think we are confirming to international world that India is not safe place by moving IPL outside.