Mar 18, 2009

Does Youth mean Varun Gandhi like candidates for BJP?

Grandson of Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Son of Mr. Sanjay and Maneka Gandhi and the electoral candidate of BJP from Pilibhit is definitely the type of youth that BJP is probably looking for? Or they are just seeking and securing future of BJP as Mr. Advani , Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi are getting older??? Well I dont know ... all over the news channels I read the stories and the controversy around the statements Varun Gandhi made which definitely were termed as communal statements... While all these controversies are a part of the politics and campaign...I still worry about the mentality and the probable hidden agenda some of the communal parties in India may have...

What good does it make to say that the hands that are raised against the community will be broken... oh wow, Fantastic representation from the candidate whose party is already blamed for being communal and who has been claiming all over last few years that "WE ARE NOT COMMUNAL" and what will BJP do now? I guess simply say that "WE DONT AGREE WITH VARUN GANDHI and thats his PERSONAL VIEW?" well and why not they are famous for that no?

Anyways if the parties seeking support of youth refers to spreading some more communal imbalance through aggressive statements like this I can guess they need some power as they must be realising that the leaders they have at the moment have lost their charisma...

So while my friends and readers wwho read through this post... you may have to teach one of the Gandhi's some sort of Gandhigiri... can I request you to please send some roses to Pilibhit?


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