Mar 24, 2009

Chandrababu Naidu is the underdog?

Well Yes he is... one of the 20 remaining contestants yesterday while strolling around the telugu channels I saw Chandra Babu giving speech on WHY INDIANS SHOULD VOTE FOR THE THIRD FRONT.. surprisingly the translated text that appeared as subtitles was not as agressive as Cyber Man's face or attitude... I was wondering that after all the biggies of politics getting into trouble with the so called PROVOCATIVE Speeches.. will Chandra Babu Naidu will fall into one of the categories?

Interestingly in another development Mr. Varun Gandhi is defended by BJP who is now throwing all the shit on Election Commission... interesting .... So the Gandhi's will be BJP favourites if they stand by Communal forces or if they raise a topic of Temple or Religions?

I am a bit concerned on how BJP is saving Varun from EC Wroth... surprised, Amazed and Angry BJP also doesnt have a strong base to defend... so As Milind Deora said in his speech over the IBN "The moment you talk about Infrastructure , Roads, Facilities, Literacy and other developments... someone from these parties would bring a temple or a religion in the middle..."

Now is it not a Open truth that if BJP leaves Varun alone they will loose the people support for not standing by the religion? Guess the Party got some instructions after they said that the BJP doesnt represent Varuns view or Speech???

God Bless India


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