Mar 18, 2009

Advani for PM or Myself for PM?

Well My blog title has already invited some fury.. some nasty comments, some hard rock emails and some praises... but let me tell you I am just promoting the cause and not myself against the big gun politicians... for various reasons:

1. I have some reasonable things to do in my life
2. I want to serve the nation not by jumping into politics as yet

Anyways... regarding the sentence which is stolen by the very popular OBAMA Campaign which ousted the other contesting candidate (Did I say I forgot the name ... Mccain is it?). I am surprised that Mr. L.K.Advani is doing the same and sincerely not sure why. I would have loved to read "L.K.Advani for India" or "L.K.Advani for Hindustan" instead of "L.K.Advani for PM".. how can you invite youth with this being your punch line... is the youth really supporting you Mr. Advani?

Anyways here is my letter to Mr. Advani

Dear Mr. Advani,

I have admired you always, the way you have gathered support for your party and generated a wave in the nation under the name of Ram mandir and How Congress is not good for India... but my sincere request to you is to please stand for your nation not for the post or designation. We already have 20 more people who are standing for PM this time... include me and the very famous Jaspal Bhatti in the list too...

Now with your potential I am sure you would make a better Prime Minister but if you are going to stand for PM on the foundation of the allies that are running away from you I am sure you would be able to beat our former Prime Ministers record of 13 days...but we dont want to see you stepping down , we want you to climb high and for that you need to stand for others and not yourself...

I request you to kindly change your slogan... cause OBAMA stood for America and not just President...

Good Luck with your campaign anyways....


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