Mar 30, 2009

Varun : The Violent Gandhi??

The moment the name is uttered it is directly linked with respect, non Violence, Sacrifice and patriotism.... Be it Mahatma Gandhi - No one need to tell what he is for India or Indira Gandhi who gave her life for the nation or Rajiv Gandhi who was a prey to terrorism and smiling sacrificed his life for the well being of the countrymen... or very recently Sonia Gandhi..... while several people talk about her being from Italy and a foreigner she could have easily gone out with his kids and settled down as an Italian.... but hasnt she shown enough? She has lost her husband, Mother in Law and I am sure the fear always will be that there maybe still more sacrifices from the Gandhi family in coming future....

However if you read the news papers in the last few days you find it difficult...Varun Gandhi Son of Menaka Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi is no more sticking to the tradition... Guess he was looking out for a change....a Change that is not appreciated by the educated class ... I am not sure why varun chose to go with such a hate feeling.... A well educated young lad I believe chose the wrong company and when this happens the reputations of families are definitely at stake.

Yesterday I happened to view the so called hate speech of varun over You Tube... believe me it is disappointing to see that he has so much hatred for his own countrymen? well forget about anything else... why to cut hands of people now? Things are running in peace.. there are no more Gujrat's happening, people are living in peace but yes Varun chose the easy way to get importance in politics... as others....

I am not sure if National Security Act is going to be of any help... but I defintely feel that Varun needs some lessons on peace. Surprisingly BJP that was so far claiming that the dynasty rule in India should be killed thoroughly is now cashing on the Varun arrest drama and the name Gandhi.... I bet they are on all 4 trying to gain as much of votes as possible from this episode... forgot to mention that with BJP the experience has been this... when they cant seek vote based on the work they do.... they turn towards religionism...

All the best Varun and BJP ... but we pray god that you and your party never gets a chance to lead India ... just so that we Indians can stay in Peace

Mar 27, 2009

Pune City Loksabha - Anil Shirole gets BJP Ticket

The guy who was known for his aggressive nature in the Pune Municipal corporation is the candidate for BJP from the Pune Loksabha seat.... wow interesting... The RSS believer who has himself being a swayamsevak is going to be in the fray for the pune loksabha seat....

Three considerable notes around Anil Shirole's candidature from Pune loksabha seat ...

1. He has been good for the work he has done in his ward where he was a corporator earlier.

2. He has being clear... I never heard of criminal cases against him

3. He has taken a step of not attacking the opposition candidates until now...

I had met him once in the BJP Yuva morcha campaign and have found him not very charismatic but someone genuine... atleast his stance on the PMC has always been considerable...
The elections 2009 would defintaely see this guy from BJP fight with the very very Strong Suresh Kalmadi who has been very agressive on his campaign inspite of strong opposition from own party workers...

3 things that make me feel Anil Shirole has made path easy for Suresh Kalmadi:

1. No presence beyond party... I havent seen him much in the city politics as Girish Bapat or Anna Joshi or Pradeep Ravat

2. He has to first fight own allies... Sunil Shirole from MNS (Young guy with some confidence), Opposition from the faction of Vinod Tavade group and of course some intelligently placed Arun Bhatia and BSP candidates

3. Just getting Narendra Modi , LK Advani wont get him votes .. and I am not sure if he is opting for it...Anyways whatever happens it seems that Pune has got a weak candidate from BJP...

Mar 25, 2009

IPL T20 will be a RIOT?

4 Captains for KKR , 2 captains for Bangalore Royal Challengers... and dont know how many new decissions for the other teams... this IPL is definitely going to be a RIOT... a RIOT for captains as I see... Oldies gone , newbies making there way.... I am wondering if Piyush Chawla can captain as well or rather we see a 14 yr old selected kid asked to captain a Sr. team... why not gives a different experience and confidence.....

I remember while being at age of 10 when I was first asked to bowl a 30 yr old batsman what I felt... 2 matches and I had confidence to beat anyone... so what if I am not in the Indian Team... the moral definitely changes when you start doing things early.... and I am all set for that. Life becomes a LOLO when you start early... and what life has taught me is definitely early to rise early to bed.... I meant early to start early to retire.... ofcourse with tons of Dollars.....

Anyways ... Let IPL be successful with all the multi captain concepts we just want to see good cricket .... and let the innovators not bring dirty politics to cricket...

IPL News - Kolkatta Knight Riders will have 4 Captains

Going with his creative instincts and tendency to innovations in cricketing field, former Australian coach John Buchanan has decided to go with what the rumours claimed over the last few months.... Sourav Ganguly aka Royal Tiger of Bengal.. will no more be the ONLY captain of Kolkatta Knight Riders or KKR... Yes Shahrukh Khans Team will now have 4 captains each of these captains will be nominated in each game... wonderful isnt it?

Chris Gayle , Or Mcculum or Ganguly or to that matter a local lad to captain the stars .. this will bring a new life to captaincy...(Are other nations now ready to adapt to it?)
The change of captains in every game sounds good however raises a question on the team selections as each one of these captains will have a different view on the game and players... are the Knight Riders now ready to kill themselves through their own captains?

whatever happens this is a confirmation to the fact that Aussie coaches are not lucky for our Ganguly

Mar 24, 2009

IPL Finally moves to South Africa

It starts on same time, it starts on same day, the Teams and Franchisee's remain the same... just one difference... the time zone where it is played... Yes Lalit Modi and company after making a full disappointment has moved the Season 2 of the IPL to South Africa... starting in Mid of April the IPL is not going to see full house stadiums as we saw in the world cup matches too... and since it is going to be combination of Teams it doens t look like the local support is going to be huge...

Anyways not to disappoint Mr Lalit Modi and the Franchisee teams I believe the IPL season 2 is going to be only popular on screen and not on Stadiums... unless the CSA does something to attract the local crowd and the franchisee brings the Bollywood stars to the stadiums to cheer not only the Teams this time but also the crowds....

Wow... Amazing no? This time cricket will need cheering for crowds...

Indian Premier League in UK , South Africa but not India

Well its like selling the Indian Curry in the non Indian markets... anyways I read Sachin Tendulkars response around how unfortunate it is for the crowd... I dont worry much about the money the critical part is the experience that the youngsters would loose if IPL starts getting hosted in other countries.... Getting IPL out of the nation is also like stripping the clothes of a shy person on a stage full with audiences... OMG Did I forget to remind you that Cricket is a religion here? or that there are people who are ready to die for cricket here?

What we loose with IPL not being in India is not the Money... :

We Loose experience that our guys from various cricketing academies were getting interacting with the International stars who are cricketing gods.

We Loose watching local talent getting brilliant exposure... Do you remember the guy who was a local club player and was asked to field as a substitute for the Mumbai Indians ?

We Loose the waves of unity... Isnt it fun to see Indians cheering Everyone on their home grounds? And Pontings and Symonds and Smiths and Morkels and Gibbs and Murli's contesting together?

Its not that if its not in India many of these things will not happen... but If it is not in India are we saying that the Terrorists who wanted to kill cricket in Pakistan virtually killed cricket in India or rather Asia too? Are we giving our cricket up for those who are against humanity?

Anyways... let Lalit Modi decide the fate today if it is UK or South Africa... my heart stays in India... let Sony Max bring the matches to us live anyways how many of us were actually hitting the grounds to watch the IPL no?

Chandrababu Naidu is the underdog?

Well Yes he is... one of the 20 remaining contestants yesterday while strolling around the telugu channels I saw Chandra Babu giving speech on WHY INDIANS SHOULD VOTE FOR THE THIRD FRONT.. surprisingly the translated text that appeared as subtitles was not as agressive as Cyber Man's face or attitude... I was wondering that after all the biggies of politics getting into trouble with the so called PROVOCATIVE Speeches.. will Chandra Babu Naidu will fall into one of the categories?

Interestingly in another development Mr. Varun Gandhi is defended by BJP who is now throwing all the shit on Election Commission... interesting .... So the Gandhi's will be BJP favourites if they stand by Communal forces or if they raise a topic of Temple or Religions?

I am a bit concerned on how BJP is saving Varun from EC Wroth... surprised, Amazed and Angry BJP also doesnt have a strong base to defend... so As Milind Deora said in his speech over the IBN "The moment you talk about Infrastructure , Roads, Facilities, Literacy and other developments... someone from these parties would bring a temple or a religion in the middle..."

Now is it not a Open truth that if BJP leaves Varun alone they will loose the people support for not standing by the religion? Guess the Party got some instructions after they said that the BJP doesnt represent Varuns view or Speech???

God Bless India

Mar 23, 2009

IPL in England or South Africa????? Dammit

Yes of course elections are more important and IPL schedules cannot be pushed... so what can they simply not schedule matches where elections are complete?or rather have election and match venues same? Wow.. what an Idea you can save a lot of security efforts and good election coverage in many areas avoiding any illegal act on elections.. what say?

Mar 22, 2009

The Gandhi that talks Violence

The EC ruling about Varun Gandhi is welcomed, welcomed with a joy ... atleast there is one department that can give decissions quickly...anyways I am far more disappointed that the violent statements come from Varun... God knows if they are tailored or what.... but it is a shame that the family that helped India accelerate by giving their own blood also owns the part that is talking violence... anyways cons always have 2 faces... so I am hoping that this tape of Varun is tailored and that he really did not speak off it...

I am also amazed the way Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have kept mum and do not want this to be a family issue... but looks like things are rapidly moving and the time will tell us if it is violence or peace that we will get.

Mar 19, 2009

Sharad Pawar not in PM Race - Says I understand ground reality

Well So we are 19 left in the PM race, ofcourse Sameer Shaikh and 18 others ;)... with Mr. Sharad Pawar stating to a news channel yesterday that he clearly knows that since Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) is not contesting on a bigger number of seats its likely that they are not going to have a huge number of seats enough to show the strength in the Parliament to claim on the Prime Minister's posts. With this statement Mr. Sharad Pawar wins the heart as he claims that he is not the one who is begging and running after the PM post... while at the same time we have the likes of Mr Ramvilas Paswan, Laluji Yadav and dont know how many more still willing in the UPA side to be the PM one day or the other in the coming Parliament... I am pleased that Mr. Sharad Pawar took a intelligent stand.

Now left to the other run-behinds it seems that the reality shuld strike them soon to as either Congress or BJP would have enought strength to really bid for the Prime Minister and that if anyone else from any party makes it it would only end up into a short term period.

Mr. Pawar... Jai ho

Parliamentary Constituency Review

As a Maharashtrian (Since I am born , bought and want to die here) I thought it would make sense if I put some reviews for various high profile constituensies and candidates ... hopefully one each a day from Maharashtra covering the 48 seats and 48 days if time permits me and travels of course.

As soon as the announcements are in I would put my list of candidates and predictions... but so far my best prediction for Maharashtra is :

Congress + NCP - 23
BJP + Shiv Sena - 17
Others - 5
Independant - 3 (I see one each as a rebel)

Now it looks like the others are more or less running into the Congress + NCP allies...

Mar 18, 2009

Does Youth mean Varun Gandhi like candidates for BJP?

Grandson of Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Son of Mr. Sanjay and Maneka Gandhi and the electoral candidate of BJP from Pilibhit is definitely the type of youth that BJP is probably looking for? Or they are just seeking and securing future of BJP as Mr. Advani , Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi are getting older??? Well I dont know ... all over the news channels I read the stories and the controversy around the statements Varun Gandhi made which definitely were termed as communal statements... While all these controversies are a part of the politics and campaign...I still worry about the mentality and the probable hidden agenda some of the communal parties in India may have...

What good does it make to say that the hands that are raised against the community will be broken... oh wow, Fantastic representation from the candidate whose party is already blamed for being communal and who has been claiming all over last few years that "WE ARE NOT COMMUNAL" and what will BJP do now? I guess simply say that "WE DONT AGREE WITH VARUN GANDHI and thats his PERSONAL VIEW?" well and why not they are famous for that no?

Anyways if the parties seeking support of youth refers to spreading some more communal imbalance through aggressive statements like this I can guess they need some power as they must be realising that the leaders they have at the moment have lost their charisma...

So while my friends and readers wwho read through this post... you may have to teach one of the Gandhi's some sort of Gandhigiri... can I request you to please send some roses to Pilibhit?

Advani for PM or Myself for PM?

Well My blog title has already invited some fury.. some nasty comments, some hard rock emails and some praises... but let me tell you I am just promoting the cause and not myself against the big gun politicians... for various reasons:

1. I have some reasonable things to do in my life
2. I want to serve the nation not by jumping into politics as yet

Anyways... regarding the sentence which is stolen by the very popular OBAMA Campaign which ousted the other contesting candidate (Did I say I forgot the name ... Mccain is it?). I am surprised that Mr. L.K.Advani is doing the same and sincerely not sure why. I would have loved to read "L.K.Advani for India" or "L.K.Advani for Hindustan" instead of "L.K.Advani for PM".. how can you invite youth with this being your punch line... is the youth really supporting you Mr. Advani?

Anyways here is my letter to Mr. Advani

Dear Mr. Advani,

I have admired you always, the way you have gathered support for your party and generated a wave in the nation under the name of Ram mandir and How Congress is not good for India... but my sincere request to you is to please stand for your nation not for the post or designation. We already have 20 more people who are standing for PM this time... include me and the very famous Jaspal Bhatti in the list too...

Now with your potential I am sure you would make a better Prime Minister but if you are going to stand for PM on the foundation of the allies that are running away from you I am sure you would be able to beat our former Prime Ministers record of 13 days...but we dont want to see you stepping down , we want you to climb high and for that you need to stand for others and not yourself...

I request you to kindly change your slogan... cause OBAMA stood for America and not just President...

Good Luck with your campaign anyways....

Mar 17, 2009

Sameer for PM... why not?

Well I decided that using my little bit of SEO brains I am going to promote myself for the post of Prime Minister of India... am I joking? No I am not... completely no joke... if every Tom Dick and Harry can stand for PM of the biggest democracy in the world what stops me from doing it? and I would ask you guys to do it as well... here are few of the tips for you if you are looking for yourself to be the next PM of India....

1. All you need is support of 10 MP's who in a hung parliament can say we withdraw our support if you are not the PM.
2. You need to be REGIONAL strictly... if you aint you stand no chance.
3. You need nothing but a strong will to be a Prime Minister.
4. You should be the one ready to be driven by your allies, your controlling parties, and some religous organisation.
5. You should be able to talk rubbish.
6. You should have read Obama's Campaign tricks.

Now evaluate yourself and start promoting yourself to the internet and promote yourself for PM. In any case we dont have one leadership that can satisfy the PM post and you definitely have a chance cause considering all the regional dominance this Parliament is definitely driving towards a hung state and we have several parties here who would withdraw support if they dont get a candy at any given point.... So dont forget to Dance on this chance... ;)

Jai Hind

Mar 16, 2009

Narendra Modi's Pune speech suck

An awful day begin yesterday with a handsome note from a friend of mine asking me to join the meeting that was held on the banks of the famous Mutha river in Pune... Yes I am talking about the meeting organised by one of the biggest national party in India The Bhartiya Janata Party aka BJP and the presiding politician was none other than the famous Visionary of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi... Gosh I am somehow hating this name.... He literally made me break 2 promises I made to myself

1. Never blog politics on this blog at least
2. Never critise worst people on your blog

I am breaking both today... Till a day ago I was under the best impression of him that he is the one who maybe can help India achieve a standard vision.. after hearing his speech I could do nothing but vommit my thoughts in a sewage and let it flow in the dark rivers....

I spent 2 hours of my precious time on a weekend watching this famous personality raping my thoughts of him being a visionary just for the sake of a CANDIDATE the BJP does not have to place in Pune Parliamentary constituency... whata shame. All through his speech he and his collegues none of whom ever had being closer to be even called as a popular politician took no efforts in abusing the current government led by Congress in the centre.. and as a die hard Congress fan it really made me upset. For various reasons Mr Modi spoke about :

1. How Congress could not handle the 26/11 issue and is kneeling all 4's in front of Pakistan
Did he remember what happened when th government run by his very own party released a bunch of thugs who later planted an attack on the parliament?

2. Why Mr. Sharad Pawar should not be a PM and why all Congress are cheaters...
Did somebody ever remind him of why He is not given an entry in US? Or Why RSS ousted L.K.Advani from the Party presidentship a few years ago?

Many more things... but I just felt that Narendra Modi is nothing but another politician begging for votes and seeking votes for just abusing what others did not do , not showing what he or his party could not do...

Anyways .... his speech has led me to another post.... Suck it up...