Nov 10, 2009

Raj Thackerey Aagey Badho, Hindustan tumhare saath hai

Date : 10th November 2009
Time : Sometime during the day
enue : Maharashtra State Assembly
Occasion : Oath taking ceremony for the newly elected Members of Legislative Assembly
Incident : Rape..

ehhhhh.????? No wasnt it a political stunt? Niether political rally? then it must be some Netaji doing some speech? No , No, No???? darn what was it?
Me : You tell me
My soul : An open rape..
Me : Cheeey.. no way
My soul : Indeed, It was ..
Me : Why do you say that? Who raped and who was raped?
My Soul : Democracy was raped, openly. People who raped it had taken Viagara to ensure it was raped inhuman. Not only that, with pride people who raped walked away!!!

This is what happened yesterday as all of you may have known.. a few elected members demanding that other elected members can only take Oath only in Marathi the native state language. People who did not know or deliberately did not want to chose to go the national language and the rape happened. Anyways... we dont care about it.. We are the mediocre Indians who would say "So what, it happens... what can we do anyways" in other words the nation is saying that "Raj Thackerey continue doing what you do, we all will keep mum" I am sure the hooligans would not wait to target me when they read the blog so will they do reading several other blogs that say the same thing...
So what all happened and not just the rape?

1. Some Buses were stone pelted in the city
2. Some shops were forced to close
3. Some school children were scared as they did not know what to do , when people on roads were shouting slogans and were in an aggressive mood.
4. Some loss of public property
5. The broken microphone which was used to take Oaths.
6. Some comments from decent people that this is not accepted
7. Suspension of 4 people suspected of raping democracy
8. Statements made by the Semi volted fuse saying we will go to court to handle this
9. Some more rapes.. this time of the pride of the National Language, spoken in majority of the country
10. Smile... This is how you run a House......

Well he said it, he did it.. for those votes that he needs desperately.. he chose to ruin democracy and freedom of choice. But we will keep mum..

Current Government : We wont do much
Police : We cant do much
People : How can we do anything
Hooligans : We will do it again and again.

So the nation will not stand up against this and in other words Silence is acceptance... meaning Raj Thackerey Aagey Badho hum tumhare saath hai"

Nov 6, 2009

Finally a Government in Maharashtra

November 7th 2009 may not come again... and it is special.. because after the election results declared on 23rd October, it took long enough for the Congress and NCP to finally align and accept the Cabinet and Ministries sharing formula to form government... of course the past post holders of the Chief Minister and Deputy does not change... but as the seat sharing before elections took time.. it took time to finally form the government...

Good that we will have some government who some mediocre's can blame...

All the Best Ashok Chavan ji

Vande Mataram and Me

A few days ago... the Jamaat-e-Ulema the body governing Islam courts in India raised a dictat thats its a sin for Muslims to sing Vande Mataram... I always heard this... right from when I was 7 yr old.. Honestly I never understood why... so today I spent time googling around and actually got a translation of the patriotic song from one of the referring lyrics web site...

Here is the translation.. I dont know the authencity.. but I believe it is true..

Translation by Shree Aurobindo

Mother, I bow to thee!
Rich with thy hurrying streams,
bright with orchard gleams,
Cool with thy winds of delight,
Dark fields waving Mother of might,
Mother free.

Glory of moonlight dreams,
Over thy branches and lordly streams,
Clad in thy blossoming trees,
Mother, giver of ease
Laughing low and sweet!
Mother I kiss thy feet,
Speaker sweet and low!
Mother, to thee I bow.

Who hath said thou art weak in thy lands
When the sword flesh out in the seventy million hands
And seventy million voices roar
Thy dreadful name from shore to shore?
With many strengths who art mighty and stored,
To thee I call Mother and Lord!
Though who savest, arise and save!
To her I cry who ever her foeman drove
Back from plain and Sea
And shook herself free.

Thou art wisdom, thou art law,
Thou art heart, our soul, our breath
Though art love divine, the awe
In our hearts that conquers death.
Thine the strength that nervs the arm,
Thine the beauty, thine the charm.
Every image made divine
In our temples is but thine.
Thou art Durga, Lady and Queen,
With her hands that strike and her
swords of sheen,
Thou art Lakshmi lotus-throned,
And the Muse a hundred-toned,
Pure and perfect without peer,
Mother lend thine ear,
Rich with thy hurrying streams,
Bright with thy orchard gleems,
Dark of hue O candid-fair

In thy soul, with jewelled hair
And thy glorious smile divine,
Lovilest of all earthly lands,
Showering wealth from well-stored hands!
Mother, mother mine!
Mother sweet, I bow to thee,
Mother great and free!

Now why is this dictat? and why so much of politics? I really dont understand...whats the harm in Saluting the motherland? whats the harm in praising Motherland? whats the harm in saying that we are proud of you Mother India?

I dont know... now leave the people behind the dictat.. why is it so important for some people to force others to say it when they dont want to? and even they are forced to say that.. does it mean that those people will be trusted? Well Opportunism has taken its place on this topic... and the Vote politics on this can change future for the political parties that are now in disaster state...

Are we Indians ready to let that happen? Hell No... I am happy to sing Vande Mataram, I Like it for various gets goose bumps on my body with the first word... I feel proud for my motherland...I like to hear good things about the motherland..

Oct 29, 2009

A Political Rape of Institution in Pune

A renowned Air Hostess Training institute was almost ransacked today by a set of people.. A lot of them with flags of political parties were roaming around the heart of the city and the premise of the training institute...

This time as usual the hooliganism was due to something that to me doesnt sound any meaning.. Some students of the so called Training institute called up a Political party for help saying that the Training institute offered them courses at the cost of tons of money with a promise that post completion of their jobs they would be offered by Airline companies...

Allegation : They took our Money and did not get us desired jobs

Wow... event started in the morning around noon when some members of a political party gathered outside the training institutes office and started shouting slogans... few minutes a bunch of more members from different political parties gathered and started doing the same.. cops called , the training institute shut down... amazing scene...

I have never seen so many political parties fighting for a cause... but what is the cause here?????

The Airline companies are going down in recessions, We know Air India was recently bailed out. SOme other major airliners in the country going down and cutting staff becuase they are not doing good.. Where will the jobs come from????

Darn it , the political parties made a good rape of the cause.. but do they really understand the scenario? is it just about getting credit? Is it just to show people that they are awake?

Stop it... Stop vandalising the image of Politicians...

Please ...

Oct 26, 2009

Yes Politics should be a profession

Politics is not a SERVICE anymore but a PROFESSION
An Important Issue: MUST READ
Politics is not a SERVICE anymore but a PROFESSION!!!

Salary & Govt. Concessions for a Member of Parliament (MP)

Monthly Salary : Rs. 12,000/-

Expense for Constitution per month : Rs. 10,000/-

Office expenditure per month : Rs. 14,000/-

Traveling concession (Rs. 8 per km) : Rs. 48,000/-
(eg. For a visit from South India to Delhi & return : 6000 km)

Daily DA TA during parliament meets : Rs. 500/day

Charge for 1 class (A/C) in train : Free (For any number of times)
(All over India )

Charge for Business Class in flights : Free for 40 trips / year (With wife or P...A.)

Rent for MP hostel at Delhi : Free.

Electricity costs at home : Free up to 50,000 units.

Local phone call charge : Free up to 1, 70,000 calls..

TOTAL expense for a MP [having no qualification] per year : Rs.32, 00,000/-
[i.e.. 2.66 lakh/month]
TOTAL expense for 5 years : Rs. 1, 60, 00,000/-
For 534 MPs, the expense for 5 years :
Rs. 8,54,40,00,000/-
(Nearly 855 crores)
This is how all our tax money is been swallowed and price hike on our regular commodities.........

I read this in one of the orkut groups, written by a young Pune concerned citizen... eventually the Moral of his post turned aggressive... Long back I had a discussion with Kari.. we discussed that Yes Politics should be made as a profession there should be a org chart and there should be a progress card for each elected person. The Prime Minister / Chief Minister should be the acting reporting Manager and should appraise the MP's MLA's based on their performances... as we calculate the ROI... the performance of a Member of such house should be calculated...

It would only work well when people take it as a profession... at the moment it is NOT a profession, it is just another working body of people who once elected are not afraid of loosing their jobs for 5 years...

Change of Constitution???? Yes why not

Oct 24, 2009

Kamaal Khan is thrown out of big boss 3 house

Day before yesterday... The Big boss threw Kamaal R Khan out of the house on account of his violence in the house and fights by kamaal Khan with Rohit Verma and Raju Srivastava..

Eventually kamaal khan achived what he coudnt with the movies... publicity.. the searches on his controversial movies increaded by 5 times in the last 30 days.... a quick view here....

Oct 22, 2009

Will I? Will I Ever?

Yes... an honest question I have being asking me for a while now... I have a very strong urge to join politics.. I may be an a**hole and I want to prove that I be the same a**hole when I join politics... Today when the election results for the State Assembly are out... I call myself and Ask.. Will I? Will I ever be able to join politics? In other words will I ever go to politics?

Even if not now... I see myself in the next 5 yrs moving towards politics... NO I dont want to just run a election, win and earn.. there are reasons I want to be in politics...

1. In the last few years of working I have seen a professional attitude built in me.. and I guess this attitude will bring a different perspective in political arena..

2. I think I am happy with what I have done in my life.. I think whatever I did I did well, and where I did not do well I took my lessons right.

3. I want to give something back to the community... I know that other modes can let me do that, but the opportunities to do it better will not be there...

4. Its time to step up and show the city, state, country and world that we want to change it.. there are so many who are stepping up and there is a need to support it by not backing it but being up in front.

5. I think I like it..

Well now its just not that I wanna be.. I have being thinking of putting a five year plan to step up and do this... unlike sitting back and waiting for an opportunity I am going to think of stepping up and earning this opportunity...

Year 1 :
Look out the contacts in a national party and try to involve in side line activities that are under a specific division and area.

No I cant get into politics as an independant or from some small party that has no existing political support... Difficult, but what is not in this world?

Year 2 :
Presence : Make it felt, not by party but by a set of youth.
target Youth oriented activities, sports, counsel younger generation in slums and various other areas.
Join force with an existing party entity: there is nothing better than having a God Father.

Year 3 :
Run campaigns, Innovate , Bring technology to support activities in the region.
Study the area that you target to opt for. Break the area up into:
1. Type of localities
2. Subsidy wards
3. strenghts and weaknesses of area (commercial, functional, natural)
4. Put up a roadmap for every 500 houses in a given area.
5. Build the Team to look after the breakups.
6. identify potential revenue earners for the area (Hoardings, bill boards, over bridges, companies in the area etc) these revenue earners can be forced to suppport infrastructure activities.

Year 4 :
List down common problems per 500 houses.
2. Build a workaround list for it
3. Build a long term goal
4. Target problems and self dependency options per 5 units (rain water plant, solar plants, personal wind mills ) etc
5. Use providers and big brands to advertise and support energy saving options within the region. Get sponsors for such things.

Year 5 :
Step in to be in politics.... Dirt yourself so you can be one of them and then step up to show how you can clean yourself and others...

In these 5 years I have several ideas that can be put up in the plan... a few examples:

1. Find corporates in a given area, make them to advertise themselves by :
a. Sponsoring energy saving items on road lights etc (Solar plants)
b. rain harvesting plants in outer , unskirted belts
c. Promote local and stable employement opportunities
d. Generate multiple common areas to generate smaller business around those places

2. Self help female units..
a. generate personal opportunities by letting house wives generate businesses like laundry, food and beverages and messers.
b. micro banking units to help save on daily basis
c. invite College social groups that can help slums and other under privilidge areas with home schools and night schools

3. Medical
a AIDS, and other medical awareness programs.
b. get help groups to generate physical and mental health opportunities

4. Promote local and micro business opportunities like auto rickshaws, tourism vehicles etc.

5. Create innovative public place to invite more tourism options

6. Install road and rail congestion charges to private vehicle owners

7. promote recycling abilities to support reusability

...... many many more... My referandum should probably hold this... but this is something that I would like to start planning on initially.. I hope I will do it right if I do it..

Will I do it is the Question... Will I? Can I?

Oct 7, 2009

Bombay - Gang Mafia, Mumbai - Political Mafia.. Why Mumbai????

Karan Johar had to apologize for making a wonderful movie and contributing to the Indian Cinema with his fine and glamorous movies.

Karan Johar had to apologize because someone in Town did not like what he made

Karan Johar had to apologize because he used a word in the film that represented a city name in the past as it was called ?

So.. some touts of our famous wanna be self proclaimed Marathi Leader vandalised and stopped the screening of "Wake up Sidd" the much awaited film from KJO as Karan Johar is called....eventually while reading the online version of the news paper a collegue from my UK Team walk past and after reading the KJO incident asked on Why Bombay is named as Mumbai? I am sure he had read Shantaram .. and was aware of Bombay... and Bombay mafia...

My Answer : I dont know

Honestly I dont know why we changed Bombay to Mumbai, probably because someone decided to call India as Hindustan, or somebody thought that calling it Mumbai would bring its Marathi flavour back!!!!
But whats the logic of changing the city name?
Ask a Seth Godin and a change in name is a NO NO , specially when it is a well adapted brand...why would one want to change the name of the city? I am glad they aint asking to change the name of the country we already have a bunch of them as in "India aka Bharat aka Hindustan" ...
I dont know, Moroever whats the logic in rampaging someones office because he called Mumbai as Bombay.... wuffffff when will people really learn to talk Development and not after whom should he roads, bridges and cities be named? Well I hope the elections have the ballot that would show the prouds a mirror... Sometimes I wonder on how big people can think of themselves, inspite of looking in the mirror?????

Oct 2, 2009

Where is the Gandhi!!

Early Morning for the first time I switch my puter, go to the first web site of the day... and you see the google logo changed to

What a tribute, to whom we call "Mahatma" The Noble soul.. I accessed and the screen doesn't change... A glimpse in my colleagues calendar... "Gandhi Birth Anniversary"... wow.. isn't he one of the most admired person????

I am glad and amazed with the amount of respect he has got across the world..
Gandhiji... We love you!!!!

Sep 29, 2009

Raj, Rajya and Raje of Maharashtra Elections 2009

For those new to Pune and Maharashtra... a bit of native lessons ;)
Raj - refers to Rule, In Maharashtra refers to Raj Thackerey
Rajya - refers to Kingdom
Raje - The King...

Eventually when the general elections happened in May... The Raj factor took over everything for a few and took out everything for a few...Yes.. Shiv Sena and BJP alliance had a fall on the face, Congress won majority places, NCP got afffected but not much...

When the assembly elections were announced and until a week ago when political parties were struggling to set the allies right... Raj factor was already eating half of their minds... however on the last day of withdrawals of nominations of the assembly polls, the Raj factor is looking more or less missing....

He had good support from youth, he is liked by a few , admired by a few remaining just hate him as he gets them 3rd on the voting counts...But this election I see a different pattern.. people already seem to have lost the flair interest in him... many say that he talks and does nothing, some say that he cant do anything till he wins.. and he cant be a winner this time... should we go with someone who we know is not winning?

Exactly my point... the Raj and Rajya seems like going to be between Saffron and Tri color alliance... rest all would be like the peddlers in the street who will have to put their winners in either bucket to get something ...The Raje in this case looks like between Nitin Gadkari , Gopinath Munde , Vilasrao Deshmukh or Sushil Kumar Shinde...

So the Raje is being taken out of Raj ... and I am sure he would still kill a part of Shiv Sena and provoke the rest of the gambling in a hund assembly

Sep 28, 2009

NCP - Congress fail to cover rebels

After 25th September when the filing of nominations for the Maharashtra State Assembly elections was completed.. almost all the parties saw a big band of Rebels.. Yes almost every political party in Maharahstra is undergoing that rebel-Me bandwagon... NCP , Congress , BJP and Shiv Sena all of them seeing a noticable rebel count across the state.. MNS the Raj Thackerey Sena is also seeing an effective amount of rebellion.. not only that .. the invisible 4th Front in Maharahstra opened by the Dalit Mascot Ramdas Atahawale also faced a set back when R. Gavai took a shelter in the Congress camp.

Now whats with the rebel's and who benefits most? With the last date of withdrawal of nominations set to 29th.. Ouch is it tomorrow???? it doesnt look like the parties are going to get any benefit.. to me it looks like with time its going to worsen.. and its going to a hung assembly for sure..

Eventually it is evident that almost all the rebels have found a new home in the opposition alliance.. be it Anna Joshi the veteran from BJP who would contest as the NCP candidate from Kothrud Assembly seat in Pune or be it Mr. Rajale who now turned to the saffron alliance in Nagar.

I am in prep to publish the list of candidates contesting the assembly election seats in the October elections.. but lets wait if the official candidates also turn their faces back to let the rebels get their nominations done...

The Game on is wait and watch.. the change may come , but it may be positive as we saw in the Indian General Elections....

Sep 23, 2009

Pune Elections, Pune Weather, Pune Girls and Pune Ladies

All of these are messier than the other...

Pune Elections

Pune or in fact the state goes to elections this October... after the nation went to election in May '09 , The state of Maharashtra goes to elections in October '09... cant think of how more can we tax payers see our money being wasted...

Honestly in spite of liking the way a certain political party is doing in the state.. I have fairly lost interest this time, not in elections but wanting to know what will their state manifesto be. Above all the alliances are still discussed... with the last day of nomination filing being the 26th, these parties have just not got through the seat sharing completely...

1 of my near and dear friend has being denied the ticket, just because the seat sharing agreement got the contesting seat to another party. One of my friend got a ticket but he is a bit unsure as he got to contest from a different constituency(non native)...

Pune Weather

It is really getting nasty... 2 days of heavy rains, 2 sunny hot days , one windy day and the one that I see coming today is full of moisture followed by a dirty drizly spell of shower.... I took a chance to visit the medical shop (deliberately avoiding the doctor) and saw a bigger crowd as there was a feast there and the chemist was distributing money...

Yeah Yeah... I know I am not a good citizen.. but by no chance I am affected by a Swine flu... I was 2 hrs in the bathroom having bathing fun with kids , then I took my opportunity to run in the rains and last I chose to have a few cold drinks to get my throat stone hit...

Pune Girls

I start my day when a girl chatting on phone while driving comes and bang me from behind. Wow... good day to start specially when you are waiting for the signal to show you a green light... I park my vehicle to visit the chemist and just before I ignite my bull, the same girl comes and bangs my vehicle from front....


Darn thing... isnt it? Sorry for the dented piece of vehicle, that cant really be insurance claimed and is going to cost you some bit of money?

Pune Girls???? Grrrr I meant ladies

I thought when a girl grows she turns into a lady...My fault... I was wrong... when will girls grow and become ladies? By No offence please. I am not trying to blame the gender nor I am a malist (My version of antonym for feminist). In one day a female can be as bad as you would want it to be (specially if it is for the closest and biggest of your FOE)... Right when I reach home I get a call from the Credit Card company saying You have to pay Rs. 80,000 by tomorrow, she also tells me that she has being calling me and speaking to me for last 2 months and I am dodging her...Wow.. is it?... Asks for my birth day and on answer tells me
"Why are you giving wrong details now".. I calmly reply
"I am not the one you are looking for" .. but I guess it doesn't go easy... she has learnt from the books of Salesmanship and Management that don't leave your prey free and thinking....

she says "Don't Lie!!! I have a son your age and I can catch lies on phone too"

Hola , Huppa... I am trapped...

"Madam, I am Sameer Shaikh... who are you looking for?"
"You dont make stories now, or I am tapping your phone and will get the police there" she says
"OK.. I will handover the cheque to you tomorrow morning. can you send someone please?" I said
"what address" she asks
"The same one that you have in front of you from where you got my number" I say
"OK, If you dont pay, I am bringing dogs with me" she says....

Wow.. people scare with guns.. she scares with dogs.. and I have no clue why dogs?.. how does she know I am scared of dogs?

As I keep the phone and get into the shower.. another call... same lady..

"You cant fool me.. I want the money now or I get police" she says
I started to enjoy this now... just as I am enjoying my cold and cough....
I say "Sorry Madam, Please dont do this. I apologize. But I will handover the cheque tomorrow for sure, if you want I will come first thing to your place and hand it over."
She says "ok.. listen if you dont do this, you are a dead meat"

Wow.. scary.... End of Conversation and its almost 3 hrs and I have only 8 more left before I am dead...because I cant arrange those 80,000 Rs and give her a cheque because I dont know why I should pay for someone.. just because a lady scared me to death ???? :P Lol

1 hr later... I get another call.. this time a lady who wants to speak to her husband.. I said wrong number and shut it off..

Yet another call..same lady looking for husband .. I reconfirm the number and correct her saying she is dialing a wrong one....

5 minutes later.. My wife looks at me with a suspicious look 1 time is mistake, 2 times co-incidence, 3 times????? I dont pick this time. 5 minutes another ring... Darn.. I get crazy... I pick up the phone and tell her "I am with another female and enjoying, please leave me alone" and bang...

I am sure this lady will now really find him out, even if he is in heaven or hell..20 minutes later I call back, pure courtesy and with a fear that a poor guy might have being killed, I ask the lady if she found him!!!!

Lady replies "Yes, he was in his office in a meeting, I am sorry I was dialing a wrong number"

Fun isnt it?

Jul 18, 2009

Living Michael Jackson

An amazing series on ITV 1 today.. all over the interviews , high's and low's of the King of POP... what was amazing to know was MJ called himself "Peter Pan" , what was more amazing is that Neverland is a full frolic Fun park with several rides, zoo which has bunch of animals and above all the Peter Pan view.

It's touching on how much MJ loved his kids Blankett, Prince Michael and Michael II..Well he is no more here.. but the show that runs all day today is just brining back the memories...

Jul 17, 2009

Jun 27, 2009

India's Got Talent

Those few who are really talented and not able to showcase there talent ever... Here is the good news.... On the theme of Britain's Got talent and America's got talent, India too will show the show "India's Got Talent".. In the country of millions and millions of talented people I am eager to see what this show has got.. specially because I was amazed to see the shows Britain's got talent and specially the talented Susan Boyle....

The show is going to be shown on Saturday and Sunday on Colors channel at 9 PM for an hour... with Shekhar Kapoor (Director of Elizabeth) as one of the judges it is looking that it is going to be exciting...

I will write a review of it later some time ... however I am sure India's got talent will bring a huge Talent out and the country would love it...

Dont forget to watch ... India's Got Talent on Colors channel at 9 PM saturday

Jun 20, 2009

55 Word Fiction - Dad

Its the 4th Grade English Grammar class, He opens his assignment book and is supposed to read todays essay writing homework "My Best Friend", Teacher asks him to read it for class. He keeps mum, waits for a while gathers it and starts reading....

"My Best friends name is Sharad, he is none other than my Dad.... I love him so much... 10 mins of read and he concludes "He is no more with us since I am born, he was killed in a terror attack then, I miss you Dad, You are still my Best Friend"


I feel so lucky.... Thanks Dad for being my Dad. Happy Father's day

Customer focus its not just about making Customer Happy

Yes .. I know apart from a few direct one liners, a couple of 55 word fictions I am not doing much on the internet specially on the social front... reasons??? Yes you deserve to know...

1. Work
2. Work that I am not doing
3. Work that I am still supposed to do

Now call me lazy or call me mis managed.. I am spending 3-4 hrs of my late evenings on internet but not even logging into FB, Blogger or even Orkut to that matter...Eventually I found a very strong reason today to keep myself awake and on internet...

Yes.. the reason is CUSTOMER FOCUS... questions???? go read it out..

I begin my day today at 2:00 in the afternoon... with my kids and wife I went to visit the travel agent to get the still pending travel card that we can use from next time on our travels abroad...

Case 1: Customer representative of Travel Agent greets me with a face (The usual Dammit I forgot to take care of his task!!!!) she greets me and asks me to have a sit... with my 2 kids floating around their office she is trying to hide her eyes behind the computer screen.... after 15 mins I ask her "Is it going to happen?" She says "I am sorry Sir, We cannot do it today it will have to wait for 1 more week atleast"...

I ask "Why is it taking so long? COuld you give me some travellers cheques atleast?"
She replies "No, we dont deal with it, I wanted to tell you , but thought I will manage it"

With my usual "" attitude I take off from there.. asking her to give me a call when it is ready...

Moral : Be Honest with Customer , Atleast the expectations are set right

Case 2 : I visit the ICICI Branch of Viman Nagar... its 3 in the afternoon , The security at the Bank branch tells me the office is closed on saturday at 2.. I put my hand on my heads saying "Shit, I messed up again"... One gentleman dressed formals entering the office asks me "Whats up Sir, Can I help you?"

I answer : "I need to visit the branch urgently, eventually I am late due to a wrong information given by Telephone Operator...., I have to withdraw some funds urgently"

He takes me along with him into the branch office and instructs the staff to help me out...He mentions that it will take time as it is out of process service since the office hours are closed ;) It takes a while but I finish the transactions and before leaving I thank him... he comes out of his cabin and asks me if I got my things done...

On my way out I get a note from another staff member... "We support urgencies , but please make sure you help us follow certain rules" I am glad... they make customer realise that they are God's but with certain limitations...

Can this make me more customer centric????

Jun 6, 2009

Jun 4, 2009

Jun 3, 2009

May 30, 2009

May 23, 2009

Short Story - Blind Man

"Can't you see" Man rushed into him and got him on the ground...

2 minutes silence and then heavy sounds of breaks. Crowd yells "OMG He is dead, what a bad accident
He stood up took his white cane, fumbled and started to walk without knowing if the who got him on ground is alive


May 22, 2009

55 Word Fiction - The Man of House

"Aryan runs this house, his father is just a drunkard, He is my only son and we have no life without him. I wish to see the restaurant owner to justice" Lady to a Cop

"He was just in the kitchen when the cylinder blasted"

"How old was he?" Cop to Lady

"9 yrs".............

Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts thoughts..........
Do we still think child labour is not a sin?

May 21, 2009

A House wife?

"Mom , take this" 2 yr old child to his housewife mom

"What's this son?"

"You work so hard, take this and buy something for you"

"Son, we dont give this to Mom, Mom works for the house not to be paid"

"But you always pay our maid?"

Thoughts , Thoughts , Thoughts.... Do you have an answer?

P.S. Let me tell you that I am obsessed by THIS and let me see how long I last

May 20, 2009

May 15, 2009

Congress starts off well in early trends

It seems that congress is improving as counting of election votes held in 5 phases goes on... early trend showed BJP 10 of 14 which converted to 14 of 23 for COngres... though these trends are not very complete...

I will keep this post updated

State Total Seats Trends/Win Cong + BJP+ Left Others
West Bengal
Jammu Kashmir 6 1 1
Karnataka 28 8 2 6
Maharashtra 48 1 1
Tamil Nadu 39 1 1
Madhya Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh 42 2 2
Gujarat 26 4 3 1

BJP looses war before the battle begin

The counting of election results is yet to start and it seems that BJP has lost the war even before the battle begin. Excpecting allies from aiadmk and 3rd front today bjp lost trs prp and nitish already. So election results are definitely going to cause bjp a fortune . I m still curious for punes election results

May 13, 2009

Election Results more curious as Exit polls show hung parliament

The election results on 16th May have become more curious now than ever... with the last phase of elections finishing finished today the election commission allowed the news channel to now show people their own verdict... before the poll results are out almost all the news channel shows that the Indian 15 th parliament is no more going to be in a majority state... its the usual hung state..

However it seems that NDA led by BJP is going back seated inspite of having around 190 seats won based on various exit polls... it looks like UPA led by Congress is winning approximately 210 seats. This also means that the 3rd front led by communists are winning around 100 seats and are likely to be a part of the new government + support the UPA if required.

SO one option is left open to people that they can definitely see the dirty face of politics now with BJP and Congress already involved in wooing the smaller parties... I am sure the recession is not going to affect the government formation.

May 1, 2009

Criminals Wanted!!!

These days I have being out of sync... honestly Yes.... out of sync of all the latest and local news, all the shitty crap where people call you to news-update you the news that you are least bother about. Last 2 months I am being involved into more of political blogging... and a sort of tracking my blog visitors again... However back to the basic point I am a bit surprised that these days we dont want protectors and Saviours we demand criminals.... I read this post Hackers Wanted then I read this post talking about people with some criminal record needed to join the firm for collections and this one to be funny ... amazing, I am glad that people now want to take help of criminals to sort things for them and make biz....

Imagine the costs we will save as we dont have to put in those serious money ads for classifieds .. instead just visit the police station and choose the wanted one....Every time I pass by the famous Koregaon Park area I read a message on the house opposite to Cafe Mocha "Messiah is coming" I am sure the way things are moving one day we will put up banners saying "The Devil is back"

Apr 30, 2009

Mumbai @45 % , India falling?

Why is the Youth so miserably behind in India? The question is directed towards the youth of Mumbai probably for one simple reason being that they have being keeping themselves away from votes... surprisingly dont know why...

Mumbai out of 13 million population in all has around 60%+ of people between 18-35 years of age.. and considering that a major portion of people who voted are in this zone not even half of the percentage has really come out and voted this elections... so there are 2 questions really..

1. The mumbai Youth thinks that there is no point in voting as nothing is going to change

2. They are really really careless of who runs the nation...

Now the 1st case is probably not true cause I went through a blog search and there were atleast 500 blogs that mentioned problems around mumbai and wanted to change a part of their MP's to bring some difference... considering that these blog users and the several thousand tweets around mumbai elections were genuine it hurts to see soo less voter turnout...

What is a misery is that the election commission inspite of warning has chose a date of 30th April which comes with a long long weekend.. and now isnt it obvious that the population is vacationing?

God help India

I am sure this attitude of people will not change Mumbai or anything... A surprising fact that the last 7 days search trends show that there were approximately 3,00,000 searches for hotels / resorts in and around mumbai areas..

Apr 26, 2009

Mumbai North will see Sanjay Nirupam beat Ram Naik

He maybe the past Shiv Sena most known leader, He may be known for his critics approach, he may be knwn for loosing to late Congress leader Sunil Dutt Sahab, He may be the one who wa seen on TV reality shows, and finally he may be the one who was under allegations from Sanjay Dutt recently... Much to his knownliness ;) Sanjay Nirupam is the winning contenstant.. standing against last time looser Ram Naik the former minister of railways and of course a BJP big gun who lost the last time war to film actor Govinda by 48,000 votes...

Sanjay Nirupam seems to have orgnised his campaigning very well.. you can see him with almost 4K follwers on Face Book , You can see him on twitter, you can see him on his blogs and of course on the local cyber cafes.. Yes Sanjay Nirupam smartly chose all the campaign modes and sees himself running ahead way ahead of the traditional campaigner Ram Naik...

In 2004 elections when Govinda won this seat from Ram Naik it was not Govinda who actually won it, it was Ram Naik who lost it fairly and firmly.. People chose Govinda for the reason that all through the five years Ram Naik was not accessible to the constituency people as many claimed.. in later it was also found the same for Govinda... and thus Congress smartly got Govinda out of the fray and preferred the 2 time experienced Sanjay Nirupam..

Mumbai North seat has a 2 lakh + Muslim population and around 80,000 + North Indian population.. leave the Gujaratis, Marwadis and Marathi poplation to the similar figures... a majority of votes if gained from the above few vote banks can definitely bring Sanjay Nirupam lead the race this time by a similar margin.. the Threat that Ram Naik has at the moment is the traditional BJP votebank is now turning towards MNS who has smartly chosen the local and Marathi Manus slogan...

Over and Over ... Mumbai North sees Sanjay Nirupam winning it...

Pune goes to Congress, Nation to hung state?

Yes.. 40% of elections, Good news for politicians , bad for Puneities. People chose to watch IPL matches, Go meet relatives, enjoy vacations or just stay a home and relax eventually killing the spirit of pune and bringing pune to a disaster state... not that Pune will see any difference but the Pune seat can definitely...

Though it looks like Pune will see Suresh Kalmadi winning the elections very easily thanks to all vote shares and regional, religious and personal politics played by MNS (Ranjit Shirole), BSP (DSK) and Anil Shirole (BJP) that lead to a congratulating voting..

Pune would see an MP that will sit on the ruling party side... be it hung or be it a COngress Led government... I am hoping that whatever happens the nation keeps consistent with the growth rate.

How Many Indians?

Well the question is open, but the one that probably needs to be anwered by all of us... all of us Indians.. Inspite of so much of crowding @ the Election booths pune only saw 40 % electorates turning down for voting.. a major part covered during the morning and late afternoons.. Everytime I travel a train or bus there is a general cribbing session going on almost every corner of the train or bus... all claiming that how prices have gone high and how the government is not doing anything... but considering the voters turnout I believe we deserve it...

How many of us(Indians) come out and vote? or make people vote? or join to change the system? or really contribute in changing the system? 40% by and large? of almost a million people we have in Pune only 700 thousand this that they should vote? Pune this year saw more than 2 hundred thousand voters newly registered... that means that we have almost 200 thousand people more or less all less than 20 yrs of age.. Pune already sees 40% of its population less than 30 yrs of age... what the heck are we doing? this is not just about pune this is about the entire nation... If we crib about people we are also expected to do something about it..

I hope that the remaining phases see better voting thus so that we can at the least avoid a hung parliament where money will play its role over the people actual votes...

In anways we have a question to answer... Can we not simply step up and do something about it? Can we not push our friends, relatives, neighbours, acquintances etc to go vote? Can we not try and volunteer in helping the nation?

I want to stand up and do this... do you? If yes come join hands..

Apr 23, 2009

Candidates in Pune and their Criminal records

Name Party Criminal Cases


I have highlighted the prominent ones though...
Criminal cases of only Anil Shirole of BJP is not available...

Anil SHirole Missing

Its not even end of the election day and it looks like the politicians true face is out...

I see 2 candidates running out from the internet world to start with. I dont understant why Anil Shirole from BJP choose to shut off his web site on the election day when my blog itself sees several search queries for Pune candidate details... Have they already lost the war?

The other candidate who left the internet war is Ranjit Shirole of MNS... his web site too is down and I am sure he was the one lot of internet kids were looking at.. surprisingly I dont understand if they are dumb enough to move themselves out or is it again going to be blamed on Suresh Kalmadi for getting there web sites down?

The Raj Thackerey effect though is still present in Pune amongst locals... Ranjit shutting his website is a setback.

Here is Anil SHiroles web site that is down :

Here is Ranjit Shirole's web sie that is off the grounds :

Surprisingly DSK, Suresh Kalmadi and Arun Bhatia still have their web sites running...

God Bless Ranjit Shirole and Anil Shirole today

Pune Elections Predictions Suresh Kalmadi , Anil Shirole struggle. Ranjit Shirole grabs some votes

Pune comprises of 5 Assembly constituencies of Pune.. that finally make up the city loksabha seat which sees a multi candidate was leading in the race Suresh Kalmadi , followed by Anil Shirole of BJP, DSK of BSP and Maay Marathi candidate Ranjit Shirole...

I met a few friends today majority of them involved in campaigning of one or the other candidate and tried to have a quick glance of what there personal thoughts are... over and over it looks like Suresh Kalmadi who was until yesterday a clear leader today will have to struggle to get more and more people to vote for him... At the same time Ranjit Shirole eats up the votes that were always a part of the Shiv Sena BJP cadre.. this time due to the fact that Anil Shirole talks about Pune development while Ranjit Shirole talks about local community supports, Marathi issue, employement to locals etc... DSK on the other hand seems to have affected some of the Muslim and Dalit votes ....

While Both BJP and Congress are going to be affected by the MNS candidate Ranjit Shirole and BSP candidate DSK .. it also looks like Anil SHirole and Suresh Kalmadi may loose the traditional strong hold... Going through the electoral assembly break ups.. here is what I think would lead the candidates when they go to results...

Remember it is half a day and the peak hours of voting just begin now... so the predications will be changed when I get some information from the Electoral officer/ friends/ reportes etc...

Here is what I think would be the ranks in each of the constituencies for the Pune seat

Kasba Assembly Seat
1. Anil Shirole
2. Ranjit Shirole
3. Suresh Kalmadi
4. DSK

Shivaji Nagar
1. Anil Shirole
2. Suresh Kalmadi
3. Ranjit Shirole
4. DSK

1. Suresh Kalmadi
2. Anil Shirole
3. DSK
4. Ranjit Shirole

Wadgaon Sheri
1. Suresh Kalmadi
2. Anil Shirole
3. Ranjit Shirole
4. DSK

1. Suresh kalmadi
2. DSK
3. Anil Shirole
4. Ranjit Shirole

1. Anil SHirole
2. Suresh Kalmadi
3. Ranjit Shirole
4. DSK

Vis a Vis though both Anil Shirole and Suresh Kalmadi looks to be winning 3 assembly seats each the leads they are going to get from each of these seats doesnt look to be more...With Shivajinagar and Kothrud being densely voted Kasba Peth is relatively less votes and same applies to Cantonment .. so over and Over if Ranjit SHirole takes a pan cake of 20-25 K votes in this elections and it the same number is reached by DSK then Kalmadi and Anil SHirole see a war ending with a margin of 25,000 to 50,000 votes... but Vadgaon Sheri, Cantonment and Parvati has always stood by Congress and this time with a restructure Shivaji Nagar also looks very much in favour of Congress Suresh Kalmadi seems to be taking the lolly

Pune Elections sees fair enthusiasm

Last time Pune voted approximately 54 - 55 % .. it looks people want to come out and vote... Morning saw enough crowd and I beleive enough votes and most of the polling centres...

People now have options to check at the Election Commision web site if there is confusion... I thought I would myself put this up for those enthusiastic voters who want to see if they have their names in the voter lists or their right to vote is demolished by some documentation bug...

Please find details below:


Please check your name and polling booth in .
1. Click on Voters List 2009
2. Click on your constituency.
3. Click on Summary
4. Identify the area you belong to and the Part no.
5. Click on ' List of ---Parts' ( on the left side of the screen ).
6. Click on your Part no.
7. Scroll down to section 2 to identify your locality no.
8. Scroll down to section 3 to identify your polling booth location.
9. Scroll down further to voters lists and check the list which is numbered with your locality no.
10. Search your name

The alternate official url where you can search by your name is non-functional currently.

You could also call helpline 2026 1003, give your name and address. Your name will searched and you will be advised whether you are a regd. voter.

You are a Regd Voter but you have changed your residence.

1. If you have moved house within the same constituency, download form 8A from

2. If you have moved house and are now in a different Constituency, download form 7 from, submit it to the Electoral Registration Office at the old Constituency, get the acknowledgement slip and attach it to form 6 for submission to Electoral registration Office of the new Constituency.

Correction of Details
If you only want to correct details in existing electoral roll e.g name spelling, correction in address details, download form 8 from

Apr 22, 2009

Pune Elections - Predictions are never good

Pune goes to its elections tomorrow... The 4 constituencies that make Pune really Pune is going for elections tomorrow with Shirur, Baramati, Pune and Mawal Lok sabha seats going fr elections it looks to me that NCP wins 2 of the seats while Congress and Shiv Sena take one each...

Supriya Sule from Bramati that covers major part of the Pune city too is going to have some challenge in keeping the winning margin as her fathers specially due to the fact that this time Warje, Kothrud, Paud , Hadapsar and various other areas of the Pune city have gone under the Baramati constituency where Sharad Pawar or Supriya Sule has little or less influence... Eventually the race is not a race... Kanta Nalawade and other contestants of the elections have known the fact that they are loosing by a bad margin and to avoid the end of their political careers they are not contesting hard...

So overall considering Supriya Sule's popularity and presence her winning the Baramati seat is more or less done. Margin my best guess is 3 lakhs

Pune City Loksabha has seen soem rumours, allegations and lot of uncertainty... however it clearly looks like Suresh Kalmadi is winning the race beating the BJP contestant Anil Shirole by a margin of atleast 1 lakh vote... Pune has always being a margin of 1 lakh vote when Congress Won or lost.. this margin has never changed... it was stated earlier that DSK the BJP candidate will give Suresh Kalmadi and Anil Shirole a run for their money looks to have lost the elections in ground reality... for the fact that he spent more time on publicizing his face than asking for votes really... On the other hand once an ally of Suresh Kalmadi , Shrikant Shirole has his sone put up for elections under the infamous Raj Thackerey banner... Ranjit Shirole doesnt look to be promising in thie elections atleast... On How Anil Shirole sees his future... I guess the BJP made a mistake by pulling him in for this elections... they could have easily got Anna Joshi who has defeated strong congress candidate in Pune. Arun Bhatia and others are not even getting 15K votes shared with others

Overall considering the campaigning and people looks like Suresh Kalmadi will win the margin by 50K to 1 lakh votes.

Shirur ... fought by Vilas Lande from PCMC has really done well, taken the support from the NCP faction this NCP leader has really bought the congress and NCP in one roof and looks like though he has a good fight scheduled with Shivajirao Adhalrao patil.. he may not be able to make against Shivaji Rao patil. Vilas Lande looks to have tough fight planned... I dont want to predict this but whoever wins will not win by 25K

The last Mawal seat sees Azambhai Pansare of NCP fighting Gajanan Babar of SHiv Sena.. though Shiv Sena candidate has more power and base to him.. it is unlikely that he will will specially cause of the structure of the constituency that goes in favour of the pune localite Azam Bhai Pansare...

So on an Pune sees 3 seats straight in the bucket of Congress and NCP (majorly NCP with 2) and one which will have a tough fight.

Apr 20, 2009

Bhatia Allegations against Kalmadi - Late and Stuntious?

is it a sheer election stunt or it is a real truth... technically it may be an issue for Kalmadi who seems to be winning the elections even when the polls are not done... Yes the elections that are going to be held on 23rd April sees Pune having Suresh Kalmadi lead the campaign and of course the support... however as usual Arun Bhati has dropped the bomb by saying that Suresh Kalmadi has not declared his assets correctly. He mentioned in his allegations that the property in Mundhwa named under her wife Mira Suresh Kalmadi and some other partners was not disclosed...

This way ususally candidates try to create a fuss around pointing that other candidates are corrupt and so on... however sources reveal that the property mentioned by Bhatia was actually gifted by Mira Kalmadi to her daughter way back and they have supporting documents for the same. Thus since the property no more belongs to Suresh Kalmadi or his dependants at the moment it is a not so worth allegation...

Now the question arises that why was Bhatia quiet until now with this? Is this a stunt to just try and mal-align the canddiate? in any case we will leave this to the people of Pune.. but while the election campaign for the second phase of Poll ends today I see Anil Shirole, Arun Bhatia, DSK and Ranjit Shirole deep in their barricaded... with a hope that they dont have to loose their deposits...

Will Pune still support Kalmadi? The answer is yes.. it looks like. He has bought some real good funds to the city and I am sure Kalmadi can bring in some good fate to Pune... an Asian Game at the least very soon.

Lets Not vote for Criminals

I read through the interesting web site eventually if we decide not to vote for people with criminal backgrounds... we are definitely going to be kept listed with very few candidates and yes then our choice is easier...

Now going through the web site specially for Maharashtra I see several people contesting elections having strong criminal base... amazing no? Going through I see several parties that have posted their favourites as candidates eventually cause if they dont place them they loose the seat?

Although not all people listed there with criminal records should not be voted for... like instance there are 2 BJP candidates who have defamatory cases against them... I am sure these would be based on some hate speech or some opposition person filing it... Also I see some candidates having negligible case as in cases where they were involved in some protests etc... We are a democracy and we have a right to protest...

Some are serious offences... Murders, Attempts to Murders.. and thats scary... I hope the election commision some point brings in a law that anyone with any criminal case cannot contest the elections and I am sure that will bring some good life to us...

Happy Voting... However Please ensure that you choose the right candidate... I am a fan of Congress candidate in Pune... but I request you to choose someone who is a better person in your constituency...

Apr 19, 2009

Advani's Rally in Pune was a waste

It started 1 hour late, The time chosen was not appropriate, specially considering the fact that 7:00 PM in the highly traffic-sucking area this rally of Advani was a full waste not only for the Party supporters of BJP in Pune but also for Anil shirole the BJP candidate from Pune...

He thought that Gopinath Munde, Advani and Modi can bring life to his dead campaign but it seems that they have added to his problems... Advani yesterday burried the dead Anil shirole campaign and now today it looks like Gopinath Munde would put garlands on it.

Advani started the sppech by promising the people that in 100 days after the gvernment is formed he will bring all the Money from India that is being stored in the Swiss bank accounts... surprisingly Advani who was the Home Minister / Deputy PM earlier never spoke about such money when he was in Power...

Also one more thing that amazes me is that Advani who is so claimed to be a Strong PM candidate also in an interview mentioned that he was not awae of the Kandahar Air Hijack release of terrorists... Amazing no? The so called Strong candidate doesnt know a lot of thing or doesnt do a lot of things...

Advani in his speech also proclaimed that the Congress has screwed the nation by its own policies ... but forgot to mentione any such policy, he claimed that people in the nation are scared to come out of the houses surprisingly his party never forgets to claim that his rallies get support in thousannds...

Anyways... Advani did not talk relevant, he had like Modi no clue ofPune politics and I am not sure if he is aware that the closest ally of BJP in Maharashtra is in power in pune city with NCP...

What Anil shirole should do now is to probably depend more on himself than these leaders whose body language says that they have lost the lections even before it started...

L K Advani overall failed to add to Anil Shirole's gains in Pune and now I am somehow feeling that Anil SHirole may have to tie up with BSP candidate DSK and MNS candidate Ranjit SHirole to see if they can help defeating Suresh Kalmadi ... or the future of Pune is bright.. ;)

Apr 16, 2009

The Election with no National issue!!! What a shame!!!

Well as the polling for the first phase of election is over today with a reasonably satisfying voter turn out (I dont believe that 40 % voters are still keeping away from elections) there doesnt seem to be any national issue out here... atleast the opposition doesnt have any to fight for..In anycase BJP and opposition parties have chosent to take personal wars... of course I would limit it with BJP for the moment though...

Advani's luck is not favouring him.. I am somehow feeling that like Atal Bihari Vajpayee Advani is also very very desperate to become the Prime Minister... dont know what difference he would make specially because he could have projected his party better than projectig himself better... after all the entire nation knows that the most eligible person is sitting in the Prime Ministers chair...

While the nation still has issues like :

1. Terrorism
2. Recession
3. Infrastructure
4. Global Presence
5. Poverty and Corruption

I am surprised that BJP and parties are trying to talk about weaker and stronger parties... while COngress is not too far behind and they have also now stepped into the tug of war with Advani .. but they still have people who are talking about development...

Anyways... BJP's language both body and vocal shows that they are off in this elections and maybe the nation is going to bring them in 2 figures or even less... I am however surprised that the third world front (oooops did I mean 3rd front?) and BJP dont want to talk about development projects and work...

God Save India, Atleast I have a better manifesto than that of BJP or other major parties to start with...

Anil Shirole lacks passion, DSK support and Bhatia visibility in Pune Elections

The Maharashtra state is moving towards Congress... as it looked a couple of weeks back there is no more a pendulum... its now a either or state... For the 13 seats that went in poll for Maharashtra today saw 54 % voter turnout... this is slightly higher in terms of last elections in the same constituencies and higher voter turnout always go in favour of the ruling party...

While I forsee 6 seats of 13 going in favour of NCP - Congress alliance based on the candidates like Praful Patel, Mukul Vasnik and a few other big shots... it clearly looks like BJP-SHiv Sena alliance is not far behind with 4 seats...3 are going to see a tuff fight as per me.. this is based on the campaigns

On the other hand Pune that is going for elections on 23rd is clearly seeing a winner... Yes Kalmadi is appearing as a strong winner in Pune... atleast expecting a margin of 90,000 to 1,25,000 votes at the moment.... while DSK and Ranjit Shirole are no more closer to get any more than 25,000 votes together Anil shirole's fear and body language seems to be showing up in his campaign....

The BJP workers are waiting for the rally from Advani in Pune and hope that the rally will make some miracle... but it looks like luck is not on Anil Shirole's side.... he has lost it already ... not enough focus on ground campaigns.. and no visibility on internet is making me feel that Anil shirole is going to be hit badly..

Apr 15, 2009

In Pune Advani will have to show courage and courtesy

Not just in his speech , Pune is not expecting courtesy and courage from Advani is his acts, gestures and speech.. why???? Pune has never had a reputation of communal riots.. and if Advani tries to drill over the popular Ram Mandir then he is not appreciated here...

Well I am expecting Advani to speak over how Suresh Kalmadi has developed (read it not) or BJP/Sena supporters may create a chaos on my blog... eventually I am also expecting Kalmadi to talk against Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi... and why not??? BJP thinks that the way India Shining took them down now personal remarks will bring htem up... but somebody forgot to tell Advani that the time is over and tomorrow's elections have already given a bigger mandate to Congress and Allies...

Also as time is passing by Advani and BJP's presence over internet and rallies is vanishing... am I correct in mentioning that the Gujarat rally collectively done by Advani and Modi earned as much crowd as Congress president's convoy???? I believe people were impressed by the Akshay Kumar starrer movie 8 * 10 Tasveer so only 8-10 people attended the rally....

Anyways the 17th April rally in Pune is going to be just a fuss or a broken arrow specially because both Anil Shirole BJP candidate from Pune and Advani Prime Minister candidate from BJP both show a looser's body language...I am not sure if I can make it to the rally.. but I have asked a friend to record it just in case the EC needs it ;) With the desperation of BJP clearly visible the way they are commenting and attacking personalities as opposed to talking about develeopments... I see Advani standing in a corner in terms of seats... bet this elections are going to bring BJP back to their 1984 count?????

Sameer Shaikh

P.S The Advani rally is scheduled on Friday the 17th in Pune, 5:30 PM.

Apr 14, 2009

Now BJP talks drift between Ambedkar and Congress

Well it was a bad timing by Advani for the nation .. when he mentioned yesterday that the "CONGRESS DID INJUSTICE TO DR. B R AMBEDKAR"... this statement is nothing but a clear part of BJP's SATTA- NITI I call it satta niti as they are doing all this just to get in power.... and believe me I wont call it Raj as somehow I am feeling that Raj has being refferred to as HATE SPEECH, PROVOCATIVE ACTIONS these days (Please remind me of Raj Thackerey)

Back to BJP... yes Advani plays dirty... i mentioned this in the last post where I said BJP is looking for a new approach to grab power... the Raam, Daam, Rang Bhed.. and this is a part of the Bhed operation where Advani thinks that saying Congress did injustice to Dr. Ambedkar will mean Dalit votes going away from congress...

I know Mr. Advani always being claimed as DOWN TO EARTH... but so down that you cannot look in the eyes of the most literate and honest and intelligent Prime Minister of India? Well this also reminds me of his age and I guess BJP needs some Energy to be injected (Of course not from people like varun Gandhi and Ashok Sahu) who knows and understand that politics should be played for development of nations and not creating drfits between religions...

So now do you think BJP will get more than 150 seats in this elections???

Will Good Ideas generate votes for BSP Candidate DSK in Pune

Well DSK was online on a webinar today and I took the opportunity to ask him 2 questions...

1. Question 1
A. While Pune has being a battlefield for a straight out war between Congress and BJP where does he sees himself standing.
B. His vision is more related to what others have , what is the different thinking that he brings in?
C. What apart from Traffic and Water do you want to do?

2. Question 2
A. Would you continue contributing your plans and vision if you dont get elected?

DSK is a smart businessman and he definitely has good control over english. He preffered to answer the question in Hindi, I believe this is a good gesture as he wanted to address not only people watching the webinar but also people wanted the people around him to hear that....Good stuff

The answer from DSK shows that he knows what he has being doing best for the last 30 years... he mentioned what is written in his website that he is a self made man... DSK mentions that the development plan pune had needs to be upgraded and yes thats true... he also wanted to grow the city horizontal and vertical and have transport available through rails to various parts and zones. DSK visions to use the natural resources to reduce power and water problems in a well desired way...Trains, BRTS, Air Rail, Cycling paths.. Fair enough

Overall his answer and the way he wants to achieve these things is promising, howver not very much convincing.

The answer to question 2 was aggressive... he mentioned that he promised to plant as many trees as many votes he get.. and the confident BSP candidate from Maharashtra has already planted several trees... (I am glad DSK that you are helping make pune Green). He also mentioned that he has being working hard but it never worked out for him as politicians always wanted to drive things away... now that he knows nothing is working out its best to use a platform (BSP) to stand for elections and make awareness...

My Opinion

I think he is a nice guy, no matter what people talk he is a businessman and he knows how to brings organisations to profit... and this is what a developing nation needs at the moment. Now inspite of he being honest and hard working and wanting to bring a difference to politics... it doesnt look like he will make it by a margin... I bet he is going to eat up a few hundred votes in the poll.

Apr 13, 2009

Anil Shirole way behind Suresh Kalmadi

The election campaign atleast has shown the trend of future... Kalmadi has taken a big lead in the election campaign.. The first phase planned by Suresh Kalmadi has being over last week and he has already initiated the second phase where major leaders of Congress and NCP are already taking rallies for him it looks like this first phase competition has ended in a miserable way for Anil shirole who is still trying to catch up the pace of elections and just one major rally of Narendra behind him which also could not bring a majority crowd...

While I see Suresh Kalmadi's second phase very aggressive I think the tech savy MP of Pune has already won a part of the elections... I went though his facebook page today and amazing support on facebook , orkut for him...

Also while Anil Shirole is still going traditional with door to door visits Suresh Kalmadi seems to defeat Anil Shirole in the campaign war by a major margin. And I am also sure that the election results wont be too different...Why is Anil shirole so dull on election campaigns???? My answer is his body language shows that... Shiv Sena doesnt seem to be very active in the campaigns, The BJP unit in Pune itself doesnt seem to be collectively fghting the war... and majorly the focus of Anil Shirole has being on the western part of pune which has ditched the BJP always so over and over it looks like Anil shirole is still trying to wait till the rythm and momentum works while in full swing Suresh kalmadi is bound to hit him right in the bulls eye.

Well Done Suresh Kalmadi... you literally make BJP look invisible in Pune... So while the election results of pune loksabha seat are due only in May... my conclusion is that you are already winning by at least 100 thousand votes as of today... are you looking for more?

Kalmadi bought us on the roadmap, didnt he?

Well I have no place to deny, Inspite of me not so much fan of Mr. Kalmadi there is no way I can deny that he really bought us on the map... Common Wealth Youth games, National Games, Pune as a railway hub and so many other things that he really did... I am sure if he had the power and support in the municipal corporation he would have done pune more proud...

While I read his web site that doesnt talk everything... but a few things that I would definitely like to say is that no MP gives a detail of how he spends his assigned 2 crores... simple to do development of the city 2 crores is not really enough... if Pune had 2 crores budget you will not be able to have one single road fully and corretcly functional... so what Mr. Kalmadi has done by brining Common wealth games to the city has helped us build good raods and some better infrastructure to the city at shared costs....

Can you deny that pune sports has beng also on the map now? Well go talk to Mr Rahul Aware, check on the various sports complexes, Balewadi.. so many things....

WHile I see that a winning Mr. Kalmadi can definitely bring some more funds and good development options to the city... I see the only candidate who has detailed on what he wants to do...

Go for it Suresh Kalmadi....

If I was contesting the Pune Elections!!!!

Well This is my reply to the nasty email that I received today from a very strong supporter of the communal party... believe me I now have a very strong opinion that its all about communal politics by this party.... be it Pilibhit or Kandhamal be it Modi,Priyanka war or Advani and Manmohan war be it Varun Gandhi or Ashok Sahu or Jawant Singh or SIddhu or SInha ... or be it Uddhav Thackerey or Murli Manohar Joshi... I am damm sure about it...

Here is the comment and a Question that i received in an email from my anonymous friend who promised to keep writing to me till I stop talking about BJP , Shiv Sena or their demise in these elections...

"BJP had being supporting all castes.. people like you have corrupted India. If I had power I am sure i would have driven you all out of country" I am not really offended by this because I know I have 100 million people to stand beside me to get out of the country where such dogs stay... and I would really be re-habitating a better world outside instead of dying for no reason.

Here is the question that was posted along with "Why you talk so much, tell us what you have done and will do?"

Well I am not sure if I am contesting any elections at this level in atleast next 10 years... But if I have to here is what my manifesto would have being and unlike other standing politicians I am going to clearly state how I would do it:

1. Reduce Power cuts in Pune
Considering Pune's geaography and the strong support it gets from the surroundings , Sahyadri's and the zonal equitibility... I would like to generate the idea of building wind farms around the belt.. The Pune University professors and masters have great ideas around this and I would form a committee to do this analysis and a deadline for this would be around 2 yrs...
I would also add this research as a part of University curriculum so that the students can get some practical exposure and we get an additional man power.

Alternatively the thought of generating wind farms would also help to generate the required energy for the agricultural usage.

Second option is to prote use of Gobar gas around. The commitee formed would help do this. There will be a part of this committee who would work on with the MSEB fractions to stop theft of electricity by various set of categories.

2. Traffic problems to be tackled

A. 2 Ring roads around the cities . 1 for outer belt to let the vehicles pasing over transit without having to enter the city. Inner ring road to help outskirt traffic move from outside without having to block the major inner city traffic.
This is possible between 1-3 years .. the funds can come from what is mentioned below

B. Pune's rich river belt can be used to drive more metro traffic and the Metro project can be kicked off... 2014 being a timeline given by Delhi and Bangalore metro the Pune metro project can actually kick start

C. Partially privatise local commute through tender process... involve provate transporters to run city buses more frequently and in more zones. PMPL to provide a roadmap and guides for timings and routes of various buses... this is possible to be done withing first 2-3 years...privatisation would also mean more employement options to local people.

D. Conjestion charges for brining cars and other bigger vehicles to he cities. Would help fund the implementations for the above projects.

E. Flyover are helpful but time consuming costly and less effective in long runs... instead roads to be widened in areas possible with rehab for the businesses in the local transport hubs

F. Initially brining one way for all the city roads enabling smooth flow of traffic and building flyovers on high confluence points. this would be cost effective

G. Vehicle free days in the city for atleast 1 day... helping green peace world

3. Infrastructure
Pune is rich now in terms of the industries these industries can contribute to the development of the city roads.. imagine 500 companies located in 3-4 IT parks can help the city roads and fund them to brand the roads and locations which would be beneficial to all.

B. More FSI grants for outside city developments.

C. Every construction has to ensure that they acquire a certificate of planting atleast 5-100 trees , this will be monitored and certified by a committe. PMC, Eco committes and varius other committees to co-ordinate on this.

D. Added benefits to private sector companies providing Internet facilities in and around the city. This can be done through leting them brand themselves... like M.G. Road wifi enabled by Reliance... and they can use these branding options through various means.

E. Waterboards to be set up for each of the wards.. these boards are headed by citizens on a 2 yrs rotation. Citizens by choice and by law are to participate in this. This would help us generate more leaders who can participate more actively... vigilantly only people between 25 - 45 t be allowed to do such activities.

F. Social service a part of council tax. Every citizen to participate in one of each such committe. The appointments can be done by individual units so that no politicizing possible...

Well since the post is bigger, The second part f my manifesto would come very soon. maybe tomorrow....

Apr 12, 2009

The DSK / BSP Bubble, He cant win but he can defeat

DSK is fighting this election for the reason I dont understand... I read a comment today in Pune's leading news paper that talks about a comment made by Raj Thackerey in his Pune rally from Ranjit SHirole... he says that maybe he got some projects in Uttar Pradesh (BSP party's home ground where they are in the ruling in the assembly) or maybe he has realised that its time to really do some good work... anyways ... I went to 5 places today... not to election campaign but just to take stock of voting awareness and tried to find out whats with this BSP???? and how much power or momentum has BSP candidate DSK gained... eventually it loooks like he is getting enough crowd.... but none of them really going to convert it into the ballot? Yeah atleast it looks like...

A simple thing that I knew from my past experience... is once you do a walking marathon in various areas around and address rallies.... you need to have a team that notes the reactions... like for example... you would find thousands of people in bigger rallies from Bal Thackerey, Advani and Modi... reason being simple.... they are not the necessarily the voters.... many of them are their to just find how the **kers entertain them....

DSK is being hitting around most of the slums... ofcourse many of the Dalit votes come from these areas and it has happened in the past that these votes make a tremendous difference.... I am not sure if the EC has released any figures but it appears that a majority of voting in pune really and really comes from slums...eventually it is a right move by DSK to go to these areas specially cause many of the slum dwellers dont know him and using the BSP flag of they can literally step high... on the other hand it looks to me like DSK is not taking the right path... he is not on social media as opposed to his contenders and is also very much invisible on the parallel circuits to wooo the voters by aggressive plans... a simple thing is the vision is very much affected by a grand BSP manifesto than going literal local agenda...

Long back I read Johanna Rothman saying "Think Global , Act local" I also wrote a perpendicular post on it .... It would have been wonderful if DSK had tried that... with the amount of global experience he has it would have definitely bought a new perspective had he thought of it that way....

Any ways a few reasons why I see DSK campaign not hitting the brains of the pune voters :

1. Very limited campaigning, Mostly road shows and rallies in slums (60 % of slum dwellers work all day).. time to hit them is important...

2. He is not on the social circuit (Though Mayawati has being expressing that her idea is bringing the socials together through a grand network)

3. He is not agressive enough to show what he can do. He too is talking Modi and Advani way of telling people what Congress is not doing.

4. Where is the youth in his campaign?

5. People know about DSK builders and developers... where is DSK as a politician?

6. I dont find him questioning the other candidates and the media coverage is too less for him.

Overall considering that a faction of Dalit and muslim votes would be stolen from the Congress it looks like BSP candidate is not running for winning this elections... its probably an attempt to eat as many votes as he can so that Mayawati can decide if Pune / Maharashtra can be her destination any time in future....

My recommendation to Pune voters... he doesnt seem to be fighting for us as yet... he seems to be fighting to get the votes and may really defeat a better contestants hopes in this election...

BJP's new Niti Raam, Daam , Rang and Bhed

Last few days I have being watching almost all the rallies done by LK Advani and Narendra Modi... wow its a riot, riot of allegations.. honestly in the last few days.. it looks like BJP has literally collectively thought of their best approach... it all started with some events which took over and built this strong approach... In the last few weeks BJP is literally trying to tell what Congress and UPA is not doing than what BJP will do for the nation if bought to centre..

Anyways... I link this approach to the famous pholosopher of Indian politics... Chanakya... the Philosopher, Guide and mentor of Emperor CHandra Gupta maurya... who introduced the "Chanakya Niti" to the nation and it has over a period become a bible for politicians.. many of them learnt it well and implied it well enough to be in power... the Niti as it is called was simple..

Saam, Daam , Dand and Bhed...

Saam = Explain them and bring them together so you can rule peacefully
Daam = Buy them with money and keep them with you to be in power
Dand = Use force on them and be in power
Bhed = Create difference amongst people so you can rule easily..

Now BJP has bought its own Niti it seems to be in power...

Raam, Daam , Rang and Bhed... Yes...

Raam = When elections come they talk about Raam, the God who spread love. And Here under the name of the GOD several politicians are using it to get in power.... this has being BJP's truimph card to gain votes.... Be it LK Advani saying that Ram mandir is what they wanted to always do or be it Varun Gandhi whos controversial speech has bought him in the jail and he now holds the NSA (Threat to nation act).

Daam = We saw how Jaswant singh has being distributing money in the video published for which he has being rewarded a EC notice too... in the past the famous Lalji Tandon did the same through an event by distributing Sarees and other things to the voters to woo them... As if it is not enough there is a whole bunch of similar allegations across...

Rang = I dont believe that Narendra Modi has also being so rude to bring color for votes... In his speech today when he said that the White skinned people in Delhi buy wheat@1800 Rs... dammit... The last thing we want in India is racism.. and here you go... the guy who was declined Visa in USA for his role (now specially when his minister in his cabinet is arrested for the same) is back to get votes byt dancing dirty....

Bhed = This has being BJP's truimph card... They split religions(Created the Babri Masjid issue) and religions and parties.. atleast they try to make alll those attempts.. no wonder this party is always called communal by every single party... include those who were with them and now apart...

Overall this elections literally has shown the real face of BJP... I am not sure if sleeping on for votes is going to help but I hope that the leaders dont do things that would hurt our emotions enough that we start hating them (I have always liked Advani , specially the way the rath yatra and the famous Jinnah quote).. I admired his politics and how he came up the ladder... I always admired Modi for brining Gujarat to become so self dependant.. little did I know that the last RTI used on the state for checking the suport it got from the centre shows that Gujarat has got more than enough always from centre.. and guess what the BJP lied on this fact.

So now going this new Mantra... BJP atleast seems to have lost my VOTE....

Apr 9, 2009

Questions to Arun Bhatia - People Guardian Party candidate from Pune

The person who was supported by various citizen groups and who won his way back to the allegations of corruption against him... Arun Bhatia is the name that trigered the 2004 elections in Pune... Contesting the mighty Congressmen Suresh Kalmadi from the Pune seat, Arun Bhatia was being supported by a lot of student groups.. of course I was inspired but unfortunately since I dont end up in the same constituency anymore I could not vote him... however I stepped up to tell my friends that he is a honest man .. and who in htis worlds steps up against the powerful politicians... maybe he is the man that can change it... however things changed... last 5 years as Suresh Kalmadi I did not hear this name .....

So here are a few questions to Mr. Bhatia...

1. Where were you in the last 5 years? Why dont we see anything that you did in the last 5 years?
I dont believe that you need to be in power to do something... but who would remember you if they see you once every 5 years asking for votes cause you are honest? Dont you know the basics of marketing???? Hammer it again and again and everyone would know you... Why do you think people remember Colgate???

2. What authorities do you wish to bring to the committees who are going
to lead the Police, Finance and other committees you want to implant for better governance???

I hope you wont bring the social animals from the Page 3 into this...

3. You say you want to cover the traffic problems...Well isnt BRTS meant for the same? isnt the Delhi Metro proposal doing the same? what else do you think you want to do?

4. Why are you guys looking at 2014 for Pune's growth??? Why cant it bedone in phases every year?

5. Why dont you contest the state assembly and the local councils? cant you make a difference if you are not at the centre?

6. How will you tackle corruption? One man cannot make a difference dude... how will you get people like us to do so?

7. What is your opinion on

2 Wind Farms around Pune?
3. Ring Road
4. Using IT and other big sector companies to contribute to the Infrastructure development

And the last but not the least....

Do you think that if you alone go to the centre you can make a difference?

Call me or email with your responses.. Mr. Bhatia

Apr 8, 2009

Arun Bhatia - Honest but invisible?

Yes... I am talking about Arun Bhatia one of the contestants for the Pune Constituency in Maharashtra... competing against the likes of Suresh Kalmadi of Congress and Anil Shirole of BJP. I went through Arun Bhatia's website in the last elections as he was one who would have caused major troubles to Suresh kalmadi who is trying his luck from Pune for the 4th consecutive time.

As I remember last elections Arun Bhatia failed miserably to convince the youth of Pune that he can make a difference... I now go to his web site and it asks for volunteers and youth to join his campaign.. I think he is a nice , honest person ... but maybe not fit for politics.. you may argue on this that people should elect the character and not the party... but is it really possible?

Arun Bhati had a terrific career as a IAS officer.. 26 transfers in 26 years, denial of promotions, I remember seeing him when he was placed in Pune as a Commisioner of the PMC... wonderful time.. demolishing illegal constructions, bringing the illelegal towers and hotels down, digging out tax evaders, giving the local corporaters a run for their money.. and several more things.

Eventually what his Manifesto says needs tremendous amount of support not from people but also from people who sit around the Parliament and unless Arun Bhati join hands with one of the big parties his win would not have any importance... specialy cause sometimes the voice doesnt get shut it cannot be raised at all...

I read through a decent but complicated looking web site of Arun Bhatia.. which only talks about his work of course meaning his IAS career path... eventually Bhatia focusses more on corruption and Rapid Transport 2 of them being the prime issues... while I read through his web site no where I find him writing what he would be doing at a higher level... for instance Pune has some bitter issues that so far no has addressed in their manifesto's...

1. River belts that get flooded.
2. Water break downs in the city during summer
3. Riverside roads to reduce traffic problems
4. Pune Ring Road to avoid heavy transits out of the city

Anyways... while some of the issues are tried to be covered.. Bhatia clearly misses the visibility... be it due to the public that really wants to go with the National Parties or be it that Bhatia is more or less once a 5 year kind of person... Atleast he awakens only in elections it seems...

So my conclusion to Arun Bhatia is that he is gonna run behind DSK and Anil Shirole in the race...