Dec 31, 2008

Predictions for 2009

A few of the predictions for 2009 ... Be Serious please ;)

1. You will see the same Government in the centre for the next 6 months and then it will change

2. Petrol prices will never come down in relation to the global crude oil prices atleast in India

3. Pakistan will still dodge India on Dawood Ibrahim and Masood Azhar (Dont know when the dogs will be traced)

4. Our Foregin Minister will still continue to warn Pakistan against terrorism

5. US will see a new President

6. Half of the State of India will still live under a fear that terrorists will stricke back sometime again

7. Indian Cricket Players would continue to make big money inspite of economic conditions

8. The TV Reality shows would continue to terrorise Indian small screen

9. US will find a new reason to call a war on Iran (Weapons of Mass Destruction is a old Lie)

10. Internet will continue to pound the gadgets, tools and networking sites along with open socials, browser os, cloud computing and what not.


War against Terrorism or Goverment Sponsored Terrorism?

The last few days of raids on gaza by the FAMOUS State of Israel brings us back to the state of art thinking... Is this really a war against terrorism or a war against civilians... The last I heard was the Gaza attacks from Israel has already caused 375 dead and more than a 1000 injured... what a shame, many of them are just innocent people, kids and females who have NO whatsoever connection to the terror world...

Well anyways under the name of War against terrorism goverments have started to sponsor terrorism on their own... so now you dont need al-qaida's and Laskar-e-taiba's to destroy you... you are a phone call away .... Call