Jul 7, 2008

SAREGAMAPA Challenge 2009

It Kicked of in Style.
1. Contenstants from all over the globe.
2. Real Singing talent.
3. Expectations of hunting another Aneek Dhar or Raja Hasan
4. Glamour
5. Participation from Mid east and non hindi contestants
6. Fantabolous judges

Wow.... it sounds all good at the saregamapa challenge 2009 when it came to the kickoff.... however one thing that did not go hidden was the WAR of EGO and PUBLICITY STUNTS.... and who else can you guess again? Yes Himesh led the way.

The show kicked off with the usual 4 Gharana style on saregamapa with the hunted down contestants to each gharana... currently 4 each in every gharana.
Rock it Gharana - Himesh Reshammiya
Dhoom Gharana - Pritam
Lakshya Gharana - Shankar
jai Ho Gharana - Aadesh Srivastava

8 contestants from the globe (A lot of Pakistani's again) will go each in the gharana as foreign contestants and a few would be sent to Eklavya to be chosen later.... Now all of this sounds very promising... unfortunately the TV producers could not stop Himesh Reshammiya's attitude on the show... he has kicked of the trouble right in the begining by putting hard statements on other shows (Indian Idol that has not started yet and Voice of India which is due to start soon).

While Saregamapa challenge 2009 seems to be good with the contestants, I see the same old story to be repeated in the end.... Are we ready to pay the price to get a winner which the judges would claim was fixed in the end?