Jun 6, 2008

Salman Khan is a bride on the marriage stage

Yes... While I read his blog on my mobile... I see Salman khan very very nervous on the launch of the show tonight at 9 PM on SOny Television... As a bride on the marriage stage Salman talks about how he is feeling about the show launch... though I am very confident that the maiden TV show Salman is hosting will be a super duper hit no matter what is the format of the show... his smile and the dare devil style makes it more attracting to everyone...

Salman in his previous blog entries also mentioned that Arbaaz, Arpita, Alvira , David and all in his close circles will be joining him for the show... do I see Siddharth Basu trying to bring in celebs to keep the momentum of the show even before it starts?

While I am waiting eagerly for the ( PM kickoff I am really keen in uploading the videos as streams on internet as soon as I can... if you are looking for some clips and videos of Dus Ka Dum do not hesitate to drop me an email...


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