Dec 1, 2007

Sonali Kulkarni voted out of Jhalak dikhlaja

The 11th episode saw a shock... a shock that bought some tears and some smiles on the faces of the 4 contestants and judges of the Jhalak Dikhlaja 2 show... Sandhya Mridul and Meer Ranjan Negi who were in the safe zone of the elimination rounds today were much relived after the audiences kept them going on for the 3 member finale which is going to start soon.

While Last seasons winner Tobby and this time Bollywood star of Dil Chahta hai Sonali Kulkarni popularly known as Shonali/Shonu... was eliminated from the show... surprisingly that people voted more votes for Jay Bhanushali and Prachi Desai aka Baani...

Sonali kulkarni been voted out today on 1st december show also bought some relief on Sandhya Mridul's face who sees very less competition now... though Shiamak Davar did not take Sonali's elimination lightly he thinks that Sonali should be bought back to the show...

Well no more a choice Shiamak.... the show must go on...


  1. While Sandhya probably is the best dancer from those remaining(though Jay 's team is also gr8)...I think Prachi might win the competition ...purely due to her fan following...they took it easy once ...then she got eliminated ..but they wont let it happen again.
    Anyway it doesnt matter ..m happy as long as Mika didnt win the contest :P (he surely wasnt in the same league as the others as far as dancing goes!)
    btw keep up the good work ..ur blog allows me to keep track with the show results :D

  2. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Prachi is the 50 Lacs winner, but whole of India knows that Sandhya took away our hearts with her dance and hard work! Balaji telefilms(Ekta) sud be ashamed of what she did for Prachi. In fact Prachi is a looser and won 50 lacs but she has got this in charity. REMEMBER PRACHI!, YOU R NOT A WINNER IN ACTUAL MEANS!

  3. Sonia3:28 AM

    sandya deserved to win...she was the best always...sandya if u will ever read this let me tell u that even the people who must not have voted for u knew deep down inside that u r the best..they were scared so they voted others more...prachi is good but u r the best and irrespective to the votes... sometimes while voting people partially ignore the dance factor and give undue importance to popularity or which state the person belongs to...u r the ultimate winner...