Dec 23, 2007

Rakhi Sawant and the Miracle Daddy

Yes.. Rakhi Sawant is affected badly by the Miracle Daddy that just affected the Congress Party in Gujarat Poll results... The Miracle daddy as per both COngress and Rakhi Sawant came in from no where just before the results were announced and changed the results such that they badly lost the war...

Rakhi Sawant who was today seen crying , grieving and fobbling crying foul over the Nach Baliye 3 results has made controversy saying that Star Plus changed the results in favour of Sanjeeda and Aamir since they are closely tied with Star Plus channels... Oh damm what a piss off statement...

When Rakhi was not eliminated from the show she was happy in fact she made a comment saying that she was told that becuase she is an item girl she would continue to the finals... and then no more road ahead... what a miracle no? Now when Rakhi made the statement about the partial fixed Nach Baliye 3 final results the Miracle Daddy got activated and started laughing...

Anyways now with the results out there is no way for either Gujarat Congress and Rakhi Sawant to change the Miracle Daddy's Statement.

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