Dec 13, 2007

jhalak is always about better dancer getting disappointed?

Yes.. while I see several comments and people throwing emails on Prachi Desai been a deserving winner, I sorta agree that there is no control once it goes to the public... while Sandhya too was good as a dancer and of course her scores shows that it is not the only disappointment specially because Jay Bhanushali the 2nd runner up for the finals was also better...

This is the 2nd time that Jhalak results were disappointing... Yes Last time when Shweta Salve lost the battle to Mona the Jassi and now the host of the show it was said that popularity won the battle over talent... and Yes why not the results this time are no different...

Prachi to me appeals to the several hundred votes and fans that watch her Soap Opera daily without fail and they think that dancing on the show "Bani" or Banee of Kasam Se has done miracles here... while Sandhya Mridul who is quite a popular face in film fraternity appeals to the Big screen crowd and very specific show crowd....

Anyways with the results been awarded Prachi rocks the silver screen and there is no doubt that popularity rules...


  1. Prachi11:01 PM

    no i dont agree with you at all this time bcoz jhalak is about dancing and not about being judges favourite. Many times sandhya has been critisized by the judges also but its public who should like the persons performance. Prachi Desai also dances as well as Sandhya.
    You can never take granted anything if its good in you other person can keep you as an idol and do as good as her or him

  2. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I dont agree with what u say, because Prachi is not just Popular but infact she is a very good dancer too unlike Mona "Jassi" ..and if you take a closer look at the solo performances of prachi, jay and sandhya sandhya was the please dont say that popularity wins over talent...and oh btw have u seen at sandhays mouth when she dances ...phew so yuck